The WITA Internship Experience – The Interns Speak!

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Quotes from former WITA interns:

“Interning at WITA was a profoundly impactful experience that helped shape my career goals in many ways. The program placed a healthy pressure on me to grow as a young professional, while also providing me with opportunities to experience trade policy in DC hands-on. I am incredibly grateful for the WITA team for the experiences and skills I have strengthened over the past semester, and recommend applying to the program regardless of your baseline trade knowledge!” Mia Buswell, James Madison University, International Affairs, Spring 2024 Intern

“I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at WITA. WITA’s immersive approach to understanding international trade, right at the heart of DC, provided me with unparalleled learning opportunities. Engaging with influential figures in trade and meeting those who work in the field was an experience that transcends the confines of a classroom.” Riley Chambers, University of Kansas, Political Science, Spring 2024 Intern

“Interning for WITA was a great experience and one that I would highly recommend! The office environment was always positive, and I enjoyed working with the team. I was able to learn more about international trade policy as well as advance my skills in communication, event planning, and general office tasks. I am so thankful for this internship and the opportunity it gave me to explore the trade community and the international affairs field in general. I left feeling confident and prepared for my future career path wherever that may lead.” Brooke Woodworth, University of California, San Diego, Sociology-International Studies, Spring 2024 Intern

“I am profoundly grateful for the experience I gained during my internship with WITA. Collaborating with the incredible and closely-knit team in a cooperative environment offered growth opportunities that set this internship apart from many others in Washington, D.C. Throughout my time with WITA, I refined a diverse range of skills, spanning from marketing to networking and communication. Additionally, I established a robust knowledge foundation in trade policy and current trade-related issues. I genuinely believe that my internship with WITA has positioned me for a successful career, regardless of the path I choose to pursue.” Spencer Chrein, Washington University in St. Louis, Political Science, Fall 2023 Intern

“Through the hands-on experience of planning events and diving into topics in international trade at WITA, I’ve gained valuable skills on how to navigate international relations while working in Washington, DC. I’ve learned how specific trade deals impact not only the global economy, but also politics and humanitarian issues across the world, and the professional office skills I’ve learned this semester will help me succeed in any future workplace.” Lucia Otten, Valparaiso University, International Relations & Spanish, Fall 2023 Intern

“Being a WITA intern was an enriching experience where I got to learn more about the world of international trade on a daily basis. Working with such a talented and kind team, I not only acquired theoretical knowledge but also improved my hard skills, rational thinking, event planning, and problem-solving abilities! This journey was not only a chapter in my college career but also a stepping stone to my overall growth as a professional in the dynamic world of international business and trade. Thank you WITA!” Rafael Augusto Centeno, Florida International University, International Business, Fall 2023 Intern

“My internship at WITA has accelerated the progress towards my career goals more than I could have ever imagined. It opened a multitude of opportunities I never thought would be possible. Being able to work in a professional yet comfortable environment while simultaneously having a direct impact on the operations of the organization allowed for an exceptionally rewarding and satisfactory experience. I will be forever grateful of the promising position that the WITA internship has placed me in.” Dylan Schick, Indiana University, International Studies and French, Summer 2023 Intern

“The summer internship with WITA has been an incredible gateway into the vast trade community in D.C. I am grateful to have been a part of a great team that planned and executed WITA’s annual “Trade Prom”, which brings together hundreds of the members of the trade community for a night of celebration and connection. Additionally, the WITA internship offers valuable office experience for gaining hard skills for planning and executing events, as well as research on trade and trade policy. I highly recommend the internship to anyone interested in the trade world!” Matt Degn, Brigham Young University, Experience Design and Management, Summer 2023 Intern

“The WITA internship is a unique and multi-dimensional experience that allows interns to learn about the practical and contemporary aspects of trade while honing their office and event planning skills. The opportunities available for WITA interns grow academically, professionally, and personally are unlike no other. I am certain that the skills that I learned as a WITA intern will be valuable to me in my future prospects.” Mayah Grandison, Georgetown University, International Politics, Summer 2023 Intern

“Interning at WITA gave me a great look at the many different sides of trade and trade policy. WITA’s collaboration and connections with such a wide range of industries, both in the public and private sectors, means they can help you move your career forward in whatever direction you want to go. I am grateful that I was able to work and learn up close with such a tight-knit staff and take advantage of the network that WITA has cultivated over the years. Skills such as attention to detail and concise communication were definitely strengthened here, and will stay relevant throughout my career. This internship has solidified my interest in the trade field.” Nolan Johnson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Economics and Political Science, Summer 2023 Intern

“My time at WITA consists of working with an absolutely wonderful team passionate about the success of their organization. The networking opportunities and knowledge on trade policy are extremely valuable and helped me greatly in understanding the direction I want to head towards in my career. The skills I learnt were perhaps the most important I have ever learnt. Although the responsibilities I held as an intern were great, it boosted my ability to handle pressure situations. I was able to meet such great and important people within the realm of international trade and economics through WITA events. My time at WITA has definitely cemented my passion for DC as a city as well.” Shahzaib Bandukda, UC San Diego, Business Economics and Political Science, Spring 2023 Intern

“Interning at WITA has given me the opportunity to be a-part of a collaborative team that brings together the trade community in Washington, D.C. to host thought-provoking discussions featuring prominent global leaders. Through networking with professionals at WITA events and attending WITA Academy Pathways to Opportunity events, I have gained a better understanding of the numerous opportunities to pursue a career in the international trade field. Additionally, I am grateful for the opportunity to intern at WITA because I have since gained a strong network of individuals I can look to for advice and guidance.” Shannon Moloney, Syracuse University, International Relations, Spring 2023 Intern

“My time at WITA has helped me gain valuable experience in a workplace environment. I learned about how to present myself professionally, and I learned more about international relations from first-hand experience. This was a valuable internship for me and I know that it will help educate more on trade, careers, networking, and themselves as a person.” Megan Walsh, Loyola University, Political Science and Journalism, Spring 2023 Intern

“Throughout my time at WITA, I have had the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills through trade capacity training and career development programs, such as our Pathways to Opportunities series. As a member of a close-knit team, I have gained hands-on experience in planning, organizing, and marketing a variety of events, both in-person and virtual. Engaging in this experience has not only benefited my professional growth but also my personal development, providing me with greater insight into a potential career path that I am passionate about.” Alessandra (Allie) R. Anzalone, James Madison University, International Affairs and Economics, Spring 2023 Intern 

“Interning for WITA has allowed me to interact with multiple people in positions of power in various industries, influencing my long-term career goals. The professional and personal experience I’ve gained during my time here is unique to this organization and wouldn’t have achieved this elsewhere. Being able to learn about matters of international trade and policy directly from professionals in this field is an amazing opportunity. My invaluable time at WITA has most definitely prepared me for any future positions I strive for in the future.” “Throughout my time at WITA, I have had the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and skills through trade capacity training and career development programs, such as our Pathways to Opportunities series. As a member of a close-knit team, I have gained hands-on experience in planning, organizing, and marketing a variety of events, both in-person and virtual. Engaging in this experience has not only benefited my professional growth but also my personal development, providing me with greater insight into a potential career path that I am passionate about.” Yianna D. Schneckloth, Loyola University of Chicago, Global Studies and Political Science, Fall 2022 Intern 

“My internship at the Washington International Trade Association has been a great experience in learning about global trade issues and learning how to work in a fast-paced environment. Having a proximity to institutions that have so much power over global networks has been insightful in understanding my own potential in paving my path for my future career.” Bhuvana Bharadwaj, Carnegie Mellon University, Economics and Statistics, Fall 2022 Intern

“During my internship at WITA, I gained insight into the inner workings of the trade community in Washington, DC by planning professional trade events, attending think tank talks, and learning from professionals in the field. I became more engaged with current international trade news, and learned how the public and private sectors contribute to trade policy. I have also gained key insights into my future career aspirations that I will continue to pursue, utilizing the professional connections I have developed through WITA. I firmly believe that my summer internship has shaped the rest of my undergraduate experience!” Sarah Wozniak, William & Mary, International Relations and Economics Major, Summer 2022 Intern

“My WITA internship experience has confirmed my interest to pursue a career in trade. Through learning the key players involved within trade, coordinating with Embassy officials, and planning Trade Prom, the biggest trade event in Washington, D.C., this internship has affirmed my choice to dedicate my future to trade.” Gwyneth Barry, Georgetown University, Global Business, Summer 2022 Intern

“My internship at WITA exposed me to public and private roles in trade and a variety of issues and developments within the trade community. I was able to practice using new platforms for website building, external communications and event planning, and organized payments and rosters for members and sponsors. This was a great opportunity to learn about trade as well as develop skills that will aid me in my future career.” Shaina Adams, Rising Freshman at Harvard College, Economics, Summer 2022 Intern

“My internship at WITA has definitely prepared me for a future of working in Washington D.C. and in a field of international affairs. I enjoyed attending WITA events, and learning more about trade policy. Through working at WITA, I concluded that I wanted to continue my academics and apply for graduate schools in the D.C. area!” Courtney Brown, James Madison University, International Affairs, Spring 2022 Intern

“My internship experience at WITA provided me with the perfect exposure to professional work life in Washington D.C. as well as hard and soft skills that will carry with me to any job. Being an integral part of the WITA team has made my experience extremely rewarding and has shaped me into a competitive and effective applicant for the 21st-century workforce. I would recommend this internship to anyone testing the waters of a political career in a non-profit and pursuing a life in the nations Capitol.” Samantha Kromkowski, James Madison University, International Affairs, Spring 2022 Intern

“My internship with WITA was the perfect launch pad for me to learn about what a career in international trade looks like. I had the chance to engage with trade professionals on policy issues and I gained tangible experience in event coordination. The skills I learned in non-profit organization communication will be invaluable to any career I choose in the future.” Savannah Gerlach, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Agricultural Economics, Summer 2021 Intern

“My virtual internship with WITA was an outstanding opportunity to connect with trade professionals and policy in the Washington D.C. area. In addition to assisting with industry events and management of social outreach, the process of launching a new trade literacy initiative for congressional interns and international membership was a uniquely rewarding experience. As I continue to explore career prospects, I’ve found my time at WITA invaluable to shaping my professional outlook and connections to the trade community.” Ryan Murphy, Haverford College, Political Science and Economics, Summer 2021 Intern

“Through my WITA internship, I learned valuable job skills that I will take with me throughout my professional career. I was able to grow my knowledge of international trade policy and non-profit management from working on various WITA programs. This internship was beneficial to my professional development.Erin Cearlock, William & Mary, International Relations and Anthropology, Summer 2021 Intern

“My virtual internship conducted from the UK was an incredible experience which has helped me to grow professionally and gain a powerful insight into the sector of international trade. A particular highlight of this internship was working with interns from a diverse range of backgrounds in a working culture that differs from the UK, allowing me to develop a better perspective of different working cultures around the globe. Additionally, I was exposed to a wealth of learning experiences through Wita’s online webinar offerings to the trade community, much of which was orchestrated by the Intern team. This experience has undoubtedly bolstered my educational and professional standings in international trade and I look forward to making use of the knowledge gained in this internship as I build a career in the sector.” Johnny Morris, Munich Business School, Master International Business, Summer 2021 Intern

“My internship at WITA, although virtual, was a valuable learning experience. Throughout my internship I learned about international trade policy, the process behind decision-makers coming together in fora, and how a non-profit organization operates on a daily basis. I was also able to gain a network of professional contacts and expand my career opportunities.” Sebastian P-Alven, UC San Diego, Political Science: International Relations, Spring 2021 Intern

“My virtual internship with WITA allowed me to grow professionally while learning about real time trade issues from experts all over the world. I really enjoyed working with the WITA team to put on events on emerging trade and policy issues and immersing myself in research for the WITA webpage. I was able to expand my professional network and contacts through WITA’s vast membership and invest in building my trade sector knowledge.”Anne Allen Hodge, William & Mary, International Relations Major, Spring 2021 Intern

“Although amid a pandemic, WITA was able to make my internship experience meaningful. I could not have asked for a timelier internship experience where I got to learn about the effects of the pandemic on trade, what the new administration’s plan is on trade policy, how U.S. – China relations are panning out, and the complexity of supply chains and globalization. Additionally, I was able to learn extensively about international trade, current issues, trade policy, and the trade community. I gained both educational and professional experience, and my time at WITA has set me up for a career after I graduate.” Alena Sanabria, James Madison University, International Affairs and Economics Major, Spring 2021 Intern

“This amazing internship program has allowed me to discover the power of international trade and how substantial and innovative trade is. Although my experience was virtual, I learned, shared, and discovered my passions in many different Trade Policy sectors. I came across the best trade policymakers and learn about their insightful approach for the future of global trade. As an Economics major, I walked out of this experience with a professional understanding of the most pressing economic policy issues across the globe.” Zimar Batista, American University School of International Service, Economics, International Studies, and Spanish, Summer 2020 Intern

“Although I did not receive the full “in-office” experience, my virtual internship at WITA allowed me to gain a real substantive understanding of current trade policy issues and how they pertain to both foreign relations and the success of domestic industrial sectors. I was able to witness experts speak on these matters on a weekly basis, which was perhaps the most valuable aspect of my intern experience.” Emma Donahue, Vanderbilt University, Political Science Major, Summer 2020 Intern

“Interning at WITA allowed me to witness firsthand how the public and private sector interact through trade policy. I obtained a stronger knowledge of how policymakers come to decisions and understanding of how trade deals are made all the while bettering my professional skills that will provide value down the road in my career.” Brian Carpenter, The University of Michigan, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics (PPE), Summer 2020 Intern

“Through my internship with WITA, I was able to fully realize the vast career opportunities within the trade industry. I not only grew as a professional and build my network, but I also strengthened office and technical skills that will be extremely useful in any future occupation I may take on.” Madelyn Cunningham, James Madison University, International Affairs Major, Spring 2020 Intern

“As a recent grad school graduate starting her career in the international trade space, this internship was invaluable. Not only did I get to conduct extensive research on trends in international trade, I also came into contact with countless trade professionals who helped me clarify what I want from my professional experience in DC.” Juliette Holthaus, Johns Hopkins SAIS, American Foreign Policy, Fall 2019 Intern

“My internship with WITA allowed me to meet interesting people, work as part of a team, and develop office, event management, and communication skills. I have familiarized myself with the DC working environment and have participated in some very worthwhile events that have all contributed to my professional career. Any undergraduates  looking for a good networking opportunity and a stepping point into future DC careers should intern with WITA.” Aaron Witkin, Haverford College, Political Science, Summer 2019 Intern

“My summer as a WITA intern offered me the opportunity to be an integral part of the WITA team, learning about international trade and gaining valuable experiences that will help me in my career. From trade policy knowledge to administrative skills, WITA is a great launching point for a future in a variety of political fields and an introduction to working in DC. I would recommend the internship to undergrads interested in working in DC who want to expand their knowledge on global trade policy.” Alec Escobar, University of Pennsylvania, Philosophy Politics and Economics (PPE), Summer 2019 Intern

“Interning at WITA has been a highly rewarding and extremely interesting experience. Interns are given a lot of responsibility, and are the cornerstones of WITA’s entire operation. I have learned a lot about international trade policy, and had the opportunity to meet some of D.C.’s power players. I would highly recommend this internship.” Daniel Xu, College of William & Mary, Public Policy and Economics, Summer 2019 Intern

“Interning at WITA has dramatically broadened my knowledge of trade policy issues. The educational and networking opportunities that WITA offers has been pivotal for my personal and professional growth. This internship program has provided me with numerous opportunities to engage with professionals to build my network and better understand the next steps in my career path.” Jasmine Mitchell, Oberlin College, East Asian Studies, Summer 2019 Intern.

“My internship with WITA allowed me to interact directly with trade professionals working in Washington, D.C. Interacting with the trade community broadened my knowledge of trade issues and the wide impacts of changing trade policy. Being in a smaller office also allowed me to focus on my own interest in TransAtlantic trade relations.” Madeline Blesi, William & Mary and the University of St Andrews JDP, International Relations, Summer 2019 Intern

“Working at WITA allowed me to develop an expansive understanding of trade issues, but more importantly, it gave me a concrete set of skills that I will be able to carry with me throughout my career. WITA interns are integral to running the office, and as such, they are given actual responsibility instead of just busy work.” James Dail, Claremont McKenna College, Economics & Government, Spring 2019 Intern.

“My internship at WITA has developed me professionally more than I could have imagined. Gaining essential office experience from a small-office environment created unity and cohesiveness throughout the internship program.” Christian Posey-Geriz, James Madison University, International Relations & Affairs, Spring 2019 Intern.

“My semester working at WITA allowed me to hear from a wide variety of experts in the field of trade policy up close, while also providing me with opportunities to get experience in event planning. Additionally, interns are given a significant amount of responsibility in managing relationships with WITA’s extensive membership.” Nikhil Raj, Wake Forest University, Politics & International Affairs, Spring 2019 Intern.

“My semester with WITA provided me the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and insight in the trade policy space. Being a small office, interns are an integral component of WITA’s team and operations. This allows interns to work on meaningful projects. The network that exists within WITA is tremendous. There are many opportunities to connect with a variety of important players.” Ben Stevens, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Economics and Political Science, Fall 2018 Intern.

“Interning at WITA allowed me to gain a wider perspective on trade policy and become familiar with the trade community in DC. It helped me improve my professional skills and gave me the opportunity to help coordinate great trade policy events. The office environment was welcoming, as I felt like an integral part of the team. This made WITA a great place to work everyday”. Mariana Jo-Bonilla, Francisco Marroquin University (Guatemala City), International Affairs, Fall 2018 Intern.

“Interning with WITA was an amazing opportunity to gain skills that are transferable to any job, such as office etiquette, event management, professionalism and computer skills. It has been a fantastic start to my career within International Relations, as well as allowing me to meet and work with some great people who I thoroughly enjoyed working with in a fun and friendly environment.” Oliver Colletti, University of Portsmouth, American History, Fall 2018 Intern

“My summer at WITA has been a great jumping off point for my career. The internship provides a wealth of trade experience, as well as some phenomenal networking opportunities. The team atmosphere in the office makes WITA a fun and enjoyable place to work.” Henry Menn, Boston College, Economics and English, Summer 2018 Intern

“Interning at WITA was a great experience. As someone interested in international trade, working at WITA allowed to get to know the trade community and better understand international trade policy. Additionally, it allowed me to develop important skills and work with great people. ” Ryan Subel, American University, Economics and International Relations, Summer 2018 Intern

“Interning at WITA has provided me with invaluable experience and insight in international trade. I was given a great deal of responsibility and creative flexibility in my assigned projects, and I was able to connect with numerous DC trade professionals as the summer went by. For someone who is just beginning to figure out her career path, this was a perfect place to start. Thank you, WITA!” Julianna Hernandez, Vanderbilt University, Economics and English, Summer 2018 Intern

“Interns at the Washington International Trade Association are an essential part of the WITA team. I’ve loved working with the summer cohort here to engage and strengthen the trade community during an interesting time for trade. This program provided ample opportunity to engage with and understand the D.C. professional environment and was integral in expanding my postgrad opportunities. Spending the summer at WITA introduced me to the world of trade through exposure to distinguished professionals in the field and hands-on experience running events for the international trade community.” Sydney Riley, Villanova University, Political Science and Philosophy, Summer 2018 Intern

“Interning at WITA gave me a platform to allow me to build my skills in the present and find a job in the future. There was a perfect balance of work and experience, both in and out of the office.” Ayra Arshad, Hofstra University, Business Economics,  Summer 2018 Intern

“Interning at WITA has given me the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of current trade issues and their international effects. From attending events to reading research papers, we have been keeping up and writing about every major trade development this summer. On top of this, learning to work with a team to plan an event with 575+ people in the trade community is an invaluable experience that I will take with me long after finishing my internship with WITA. I am very grateful for my summer here and cannot stress enough how much I learned in such a short time-frame!” Roksolana (Roxy) Pylypiv, International Affairs and Economics, Wellesley College, Summer Intern 2018

“Interning with WITA has given me the opportunity to gain insight into the world of international trade policy. I was given a variety of tasks and projects, all challenging me to work harder and manage my time better. The events were always a blast to attend, and super informational. I am grateful for my experiences this spring, thank you WITA!” Brandon Sou, University of California – Irvine, Business Economics and Political Science, Spring 2018 Intern

“My internship at WITA was an amazing experience. Interning with WITA has allowed me to learn about trade from ambassadors, governors and high-level professionals. However, this internship has helped me go way beyond learning trade policy. In addition to growing me professionally, WITA allowed me to gain skills in project management, customer service, event planning, organization and networking. Overall, I am very thankful that I got to be a part of WITA’s fun diverse team!” Amanda Haywood, Liberty University, Business Administration Economics, Spring 2018 Intern

“Interning at WITA provided me great exposure to the inner workings of non-profit management. Not only did I expand my awareness and understanding of current trade issues, but I was able to learn directly from top trade professionals through WITA’s monthly events. My favorite part of the internship was building relationships with the other WITA interns and working in a tight-knit office environment.” Mia Rudd, University of Southern California, Economics and International Relations, Spring 2018 Intern

“I interned at WITA for 4 months and I truly enjoyed my experience here. I had a great time learning new skills in an office environment as well as planning and preparing events. I believe the internship has allowed me to be more confident in multiple areas, such as being more detailed-oriented, improving my organizational and communication skills, and strengthening my networking abilities. I had the chance to interact with ambassadors, CEO’s, and government staff which awoke my curiosity for other career options as well. I was also very fortunate to have worked with an amazing group of people who have made this experience an extraordinary one. I am grateful to have been a part of the WITA team.” Daniela Tejero, University of New Orleans, Diplomacy and International Organizations, Spring 2018 Intern

“I’m glad I had the opportunity to intern at WITA. I didn’t have a lot of experience in an office environment prior, and I appreciate them taking a chance on me. I’ve developed a thicker hide while I’ve been here and that’s more than can be said about any retail store I’ve worked at over the last two years. If you want a researched focused internship with a dash of event execution packaged in a relaxed work atmosphere, WITA is a good start.” Arthur Volpe, University of Miami, Major Undecided, Fall 2017 Intern 

“Working at WITA substantially narrowed my focus in terms of choosing a future career. I now know that I have a passion for trade policy and I want to stay within the community after my graduation. This experience taught me that no matter what my previous experiences have taught me, there is always new information to soak up. Getting out and attending panels, conferences etc. is the best possible way to broaden my horizons, and it was inspiring to see just how unique WITA is in Washington D.C. in terms of event content and volume. I feel competent enough to speak on issues pertaining to global commerce in a professional setting after my time here, and I highly encourage yo-pros to look to WITA for a formative and all-encompassing experience.” Lily Cunniff, The George Washington University, International Affairs & Public Health, Fall 2017 Intern 

“WITA was integral to fostering my interest in trade policy, an interest that I will continue to carry with me long after I have left DC and started my career. The sheer amount of exposure you get to high level individuals in the trade sphere through a WITA internship is remarkable, and the amount of research and writing interns are able to do through the internship makes the experience invaluable.”Sitara Sriram, Wellesley College, Economics and Mathematics, Summer 2017 Intern

“WITA internship was a major turning point for my future. I came to DC with a complete different idea of what career path I wanted to choose, but this internship made me realize my real interest: event management! Working for the Annual Awards Dinner as well as several other trade events was both fun and very informative. I learnt a lot about managing and planning events, such as coordinating with various vendors at the same time, working with different embassies and foreign governments, managing volunteers, and running an event with more than 600 guests smoothly. Starting from my very first event, which was held in the House of Sweden, to the Annual Awards Dinner, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience regarding the process of managing and planning events, which is now invaluable to my future career path.” Shirin Jafarinasab Kermani, San Francisco State University, International Relations and Economics, Summer 2017 Intern

“As a Project Management student, the WITA Internship experience has been invaluable to my career. The experience received when planning events and on event days is something that you cannot learn in textbooks, and can only be learned through practice. The WITA internship prepared me to feel like I can enter my career in project management successfully and adequately equipped.” Hannah Mitchell, Liberty University, Business Administration: Project Management, Spring 2017 Intern

“My time at WITA motivated me to push myself in new areas and gain experience and skills that I will continue to develop throughout my career. WITA was a great opportunity to be a part of a small, collaborative team that is working to create dialogue on issues that really matter.” Josh Wynn, Liberty University, Business Administration: International Business, Spring 2017 Intern

“My internship at WITA played a huge part in increasing my interest in trade policy. It allowed for me to become more responsible and adaptable while learning countless lessons on trade. WITA offered me limitless opportunities to truly make an impact in the organization as well as develop connections I plan on taking with me wherever I go. Considering the size of the office and the magnitude of the events WITA organizes, makes me immeasurably proud to have been staff member for Washington’s premier trade forum.” Eduardo Cunha Lima, The George Washington University, International Business, Spring 2017 Intern

“As an intern, you’re integral to the running of WITA. As part of a small team, your contributions are noticed and valued and you’re able to form lasting relationships while learning about trade issues, the running of a non-profit and getting a taste for the dynamics of politics in Washington!” Gwendolyn Reilly, Georgetown University, International Economics, Spring 2017 Intern

“My time at the Washington International Trade Association has been extremely valuable in terms of strengthening my motivation to pursue a career in trade policy, refining my skills in customer service, and working alongside a tight-knit team responsible for conducting high-level policy driven seminars and events. It has been the cornerstone of my experience in Washington, I could not recommend this internship enough.” Zach Sentementes, Concordia University, Political Science and Mandarin, Fall 2016 Intern

“The WITA internship program equipped me with an international perspective, highlighting the principles I’ve learned on campus and developing
the skills I’ve gained in the professional world. The program challenged me to self-reflect, build upon my strengths, and address my weaknesses. My ideas and suggestions were taken to heart, and I cannot stress how much I learned during my time.” Ethan Neff, Liberty University, Business Administration: Economics, Fall 2016 Intern

“When I applied for the internship, I expected to gain real-world work experience, learn about trade issues and policies, and develop networks that will prepare me for the next step in DC. WITA gave me all of the above but more. Not only did I learn practical skills of marketing and event coordination, but more importantly invaluable knowledge of current trade issues from influential academics and policy-makers with lifelong experience in trade. The WITA experience is inspiring.” Hanqing Ye, Furman University, Accounting and Spanish, Fall 2016 Intern

“My favorite thing about interning with WITA was the feeling of being appreciated. In other internships that I have had, interns always did the work that our supervisors didn’t want to or thought was below them. At WITA this was very different. I felt as though every idea I had was considered fully and the projects we did actually made a difference.” Lillian Schulz, American University, International Studies, Summer 2016 Intern

“Having the opportunity to work at WITA has been a great learning and networking opportunity for me. I had professional training in non-profit business management as well as the chance to be a part of the premier trade network in Washington D.C. WITA exposed me to an array of topics on global economics and international trade, not to mention the valuable connections that I gained for my future career through networking. Interns at WITA are trusted with a wealth of responsibility that will prepare you for future endeavors.” Philipp Ebner von Eschenbach, American University, International Studies, Summer 2016 Intern

“My internship at WITA was great in introducing me to the world trade community. The events they hold are perfect for meeting other professionals in the trade community, as well as learning different issues and perspectives in international trade. I learned how to multitask and prioritize the different assignments that were given to me. Lastly, I improved my communication skills in a professional setting, and how to work with other people in an office environment. Overall, the WITA staff is excellent and I highly recommend this internship to anyone who wants to get involved in trade. ” Charles DeFilippo, University of Pittsburgh, Economics, Summer Intern 2016

“In preparing and running my first WITA event, I felt extremely nervous. The former intern that was training us was out that day and our team was fairly new and we really had no idea what to expect. It was scary, but once we started really working together we created this cohesive system of efficiency. Once we got more confident in our problem solving skills and started figuring out how to use our resources, the quicker we were checking off tasks. Now I feel very confident in running an event with WITA. I know that if I’m attentive I can adapt quickly, and if I don’t have the  answers, I have great resources and a great team I can always turn to. Growth is about learning. It’s natural to mess up in life, but you find success in error when you learn from it. creativity pushes the limits of that growth. Speak up on your ideas don’t let fear of error stunt your growth because there is always feedback to be gained.” Destiny Hester, Temple University, International Business and Economics, Summer Intern 2016

“My internship at WITA had served as a great foundation into the world of international trade and has provided me with invaluable resources that have greatly enhanced my time here in D.C. Not only have I learned how to multitask under pressure but also how to communicate effectively and to be professional in all aspects of my life. I loved the opportunities to attend engaging trade events held by WITA, such as the High Policy Discussion on US-China Relations that helped me to write my research paper. Overall this internship has allowed me to grow professionally and personally and I truly appreciate the experience this internship has given me” Lizzie Dawson , University of California Los Angeles, Global Studies, Spring Intern 2016

“Interning at WITA allowed me to strengthen my knowledge of international trade at a much more profound level. Being able to listen to trade officials discuss and dissect the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) was something I will never forget. Not only was I able to better my understanding of international trade, but I was also able to develop my leadership and communication skills; crucial traits in today’s modern era. Overall, I really enjoyed my internship experience with WITA and consider myself fortunate to have been part of the WITA team.” Cesar Pena, University of California Riverside, Political Science, Spring Intern 2016

“My time at WITA has vastly enhanced my understanding of trade politics and has also given me a large network of connections that stem beyond the borders of Washington, DC and across the globe. While these elements will obviously be beneficial to the start of my career, they have also given me a sense of professionalism that only comes from being a part of a fantastic team. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is willingly to not only improve their knowledge in government affairs but also their own professional persona.” Josh Gagnon, American University, Political Science, Summer 2015 Intern

“I have had a wonderful and educational experience learning about international trade here at WITA. I was able to attend events and listen to high-level officials, both from the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) and Congress, speak about pressing trade topics in the world today. I am very happy I chose to intern at the Washington International Trade Association. It will be an experience that I will never forget.” Drew Kuban, University of California Davis, Political Science and History, Spring 2015 Intern

“My internship at WITA was truly a rewarding experience and a great springboard into a future career of trade consulting and policy. From my internship at WITA, I have gained a great perspective in U.S. and international trade policy and diplomacy. WITA enabled me with many opportunities to network and interact with government officials, foreign diplomats, and business professionals. The highlight of my time at WITA was definitely the Annual Awards Dinner, for it to finally come together and be such a grandiose and pompous event, was a true testament to our hard work and dedication.” Hussain Punjani, University of Georgia, International Affairs and Political Science, Summer 2014 Intern

“My internship at WITA was one of the best learning experiences. Not only did I learn valuable office, writing and communications skills that would be useful in the future, but I also learned a lot about trade policy and the key figures involved. After my internship, I can say that I am much more prepared for a career in Washington, DC. ” Catherine Ton, Northwestern University, Economics and History, Summer 2014 Intern

“WITA helped me to learn to do multitasking on a professional level, and to get done a variety of work under time pressure. First, I am very thankful that I was able to “attend” our own events for free which I would have never been able to afford without being an intern with WITA. And second, I am very happy that I got the chance to attend great offsite events at the Brookings Institution, the Atlantic Council and different embassies including the Swedish, the Finnish and the Greek Embassy. Lastly, I am grateful that I got the opportunity to publish articles on the WITA website about offsite events that I attended. WITA gave me the possibility to snoop into the real job life very authentically and I definitely can say that with this internship I can build up on my future job life!” Valerie Marie Brockman, Wichita State University, Political Science and French, Spring 2014 Intern

“My internship at WITA met all my expectations. I was able to grow my professional network, gain more knowledge on current trade issues, learn more about the operations of a trade association, and improve essential office skills. The office environment is welcoming and supportive and you really feel like part of the team. For all these reasons, I think the WITA Internship program is a great platform for a future career in trade!” Hans Alarcon, Aston University, Management and Strategy, Fall 2013 Intern

“My internship with WITA served as a fantastic launch pad to pursue a career in trade here in D.C. While at WITA I gained and in-depth understanding of current trade negotiations and the key actors involved. Planning and attending events at WITA, foreign embassies, and on the Hill gave me an up-close view of the D.C. trade community. The staff at WITA are a joy to work with and make interns feel like valued members of the team.” To read more, click here to read the University of Puget Sound’s blog post. Abigail Struxness, University of Puget Sound, International Political Economy, Summer 2013 Intern

“My internship at WITA was extremely rewarding — I truly felt that the work I completed had an visible impact on the organization at large. From helping organize policy panel breakfasts to preparing and executing the Annual Awards Dinner, my time here has been invaluable. I met and was able to coordinate with many foreign dignitaries and other VIPs, completing tasks and responsibilities that I would have never imagined otherwise. I highly recommend this internship opportunity to all interested upperclassmen and recent graduates. I have a much higher understanding of how not only the nation’s capital functions, but was also able to glimpse into the workings of the international trade community.” Justin Rizzi, University of Georgia, International Affairs and History, Summer 2013 Intern

“Being an intern with WITA allowed me to understand how trade professionals in DC operate. This experience cannot be substituted by anything else, because WITA is an organization that brings together everyone in the trade realm from government agencies, private companies, and embassy delegations. I enjoyed interacting with all these actors! As an intern, WITA allowed me to be front-center with trade discussions; first, by working behind the scenes, and then by taking part in all the events!” Alisher Burikhanov, University of Kentucky, Political Science/Economics, Spring 2013 Intern

“Working at WITA has opened my eyes to the world of trade and development. From helping organize the USTR 50th Anniversary party to meeting with high-ranking members of the World Bank, WITA has exposed me to the trade community in ways I could not have imagined. I now have a clearer picture of the trade world and a stronger sense of what I want to do with my career and how to do it. I also have the network and the experience to lean upon as I continue in Washington D.C. This internship, despite lasting only a few months, will continue paying dividends years to come.” Tim Freeman, Washington University in St. Louis, Economics Major, Fall 2012 Intern

“My internship at WITA has easily been the most valuable of my college career. The office is extremely friendly and the Executive Director and Program Manager made sure that I felt welcome. I learned so much this summer about trade policy and how it is shaped by experiencing it firsthand. The internship was also instrumental in helping me find my way forward towards a career in Washington, DC. From helping pull off WITA’s Annual Awards Dinner to meeting with my Senator for coffee, this experience is one which I would not trade for the world.” Peter Namie, American University, International Studies and Business, Summer 2012 Intern.

“WITA is truly the best internship in Washington DC for someone who is considering international trade as a career. The opportunity to network and learn about trade in action is un-paralleled. As I applied to graduate school, WITA helped me immensely in clarifying my career direction and future concentration of study. I whole-heartedly recommend WITA internship to any international trade student looking for a meaningful, true immersion experience in DC.” Cassie Gao, Cornell University, Economics and Asian Studies, Spring 2012 Intern.

“I hadn’t realized trade actually means much more than toys made in China until I started working for WITA. I learned so much from our staff and members who are professionals with rich experience in trade and trade policy. I helped prepare for events, took care of WITA’s members and became friends with many of them. I am also proud of myself for the research project I completed analyzing the National Export Initiative. My Washington semester would never have been as valuable to me without this internship.” Yancan “Lydia” Li, Claremont McKenna College, Economics and Government, Fall 2011 Intern.

“I have told many people that the WITA internship is one of the best internships in Washington DC. It is a great opportunity to connect you to local professionals in the trade community and become more visible in the DC professional community, especially for people looking to establish themselves in DC for the long term, like me.” Jingzhou Meng, MA International Economic Affairs, George Washington University, Summer 2011 Intern

“Spending the summer at WITA developed my personal confidence in interacting with important people. WITA has gone out of their way at every event to help teach the Interns to network successfully.  I feel much more prepared to be successful here in DC now that I have completed the internship.” Zachary Moller, MA Economics, University of Virginia, Summer 2011

“WITA was the most valuable work experience of my undergraduate career. It was liberating to be given so much responsibility and humbling to be able to learn so much. WITA is perfect for completely immersing yourself in the international trade community in DC. I will always look at my time with WITA as a standard of what an exemplary work experience should be.” Oliver Noll, Syracuse University, International Political Economy, Spring 2011 Intern

“My internship at WITA has been valuable for more reasons that I can count. It offers great office experience with an excellent staff. It is also worthwhile for anyone who has an interest in trade policy. The networking opportunities are perfect for anyone who hopes to work in Washington DC in the future. Much more than an average college-age internship, I can think of no better way to springboard my career than my internship at WITA.” Jack Kantelis, Colorado College, International Political Economy, Winter 2010-2011 Intern. 

“Working for WITA and in Washington, DC has been an invaluable experience. I learned so much about trade policy from the events that WITA puts on and from meeting trade professionals here. This internship affords interns the opportunity to work collaboratively in a professional setting and work with a close-knit team. I learned transferable professional skills and had great opportunities to network in this town. This internship is perfect for anyone interested in launching a career into trade policy.” Lindsay Ross, University of Georgia, International Affairs & French, Fall 2010 Intern.

“Working with WITA was truly a rewarding experience. It is an internship I would recommend to anyone with an interest in trade policy. Meeting with key players in international trade policy, networking with trade professionals, and investing myself in WITA gifted me with a learning experience unlike any other and a stepping-stool into the sphere of international trade.” Sophia Siddiqui, University of Maryland, International Business and Marketing, Summer 2010 Intern.

“The WITA internship is a perfect springboard for anyone interested in pursuing a career in international trade policy. My time with WITA has provided me with assets that will undoubtedly prove invaluable going forward. From the professional contacts made with some of the biggest names in trade policy, down to the fine-tuning of skills needed to operate successfully in any professional environment, I am very thankful for the experience I have had at WITA.” Stephen Rindone, University of Georgia, International Business, Economics, and Spanish, Summer 2010 Intern.

“The WITA Internship is a great experience for young professionals passionate about trade. The knowledge and skills to gain from it are plentiful, professionally and personally. I acquired an understanding on how trade policy is fashioned and who the key players in the field are- at the front and behind the scenes. It is everything you expect of an internship and more.” Pamela Calderon, Universidad del Valle de Mexico, International Studies and Trade, Spring 2010 Intern.

“There are very few internships that give you a full immersion in the trade policy sector. WITA exposes you to the hot topics in trade, you get engaged in trade policy forums, and you get to meet the people who shape trade policy in DC and beyond. I enjoyed my time here, I learned so much, and I have made some very great connections. This is a truly great experience for any student.” Stephanie Ayeh, American University, International Studies and Economics, Spring 2010 Intern.

“WITA is a fantastic opportunity; it is more than just an internship. It is a tour de force experience to be had. It is everything you would want out of an internship and more. If you are thinking about a career in international trade policy then WITA is an ideal starting point to gain a view of the international trade policy world.” James Lim, Michigan State University, Political Science and Economics, Fall 2009 Intern.

“My experience at WITA was an incredible one which allowed me to learn about current trade issues and the trade policy career field in general, and also provided opportunities to make valuable connections within the DC trade community. By assisting in the organization of several WITA events and the Annual Dinner, I honed valuable communication and planning skills that can be applied to any job. The environment of the office enabled me to become truly invested in the organization and to make legitimate connections to it.” Libby Koerbel, University of Notre Dame, Economics and Chinese, Summer 2009 Intern

“My internship with WITA was fun, fulfilling and informative. With WITA I had the opportunity to interact with those involved in shaping international trade policy, from backgrounds as diverse as the private sector, government, and law. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone looking to make lasting career connections in trade policy.” Andre Nakazawa, University of Oregon, Economics and Political Science, Summer 2009 Intern

“From my experience at WITA, I have gained a unique insight into the U.S. trade policy with numerous opportunities to network with the D.C. professionals from the government officials, business professionals to foreign diplomats and students. The Executive Director’s support for interns within the organisation has been comprehensive and well-structured to maximise the potentials of different individuals whom become important parts of WITA. Unlike other internships in D.C., WITA internship has provided me various assignments from which I can polish employ-abilities such as communication, teamwork, self-initiative, organisational management, leadership and IT skills that would make me a felicitous candidate for future careers.” Jong Bum Kim, University of Edinburgh, MA (Hons) Economics and Politics, Spring 2009 Intern

“The WITA internship experience has provided me with the opportunity to learn a great deal about how a small non-profit works and contribute a great deal to its success. I have had the chance to observe first-hand the variety of careers that one can pursue in international trade and feel that I have taken a significant step towards a career in the field. The WITA experience has been a very valuable, especially on the level of leadership and professional development.” Eric Lamb, University of Colorado, Economics & French, Spring 2009 Intern

“My experience as a WITA intern was a great one. In addition to assisting in the overall activities and functions of the organization I was allowed to be a part of multiple and diverse events; Both as an organizer and as a student. Being able to learn from key personalities in the international trade arena was invaluable. WITA has helped me delineate the career path I will continue to pursue. I leave WITA incredibly grateful and content for meeting many persons who share the same passions I do.To all students and young professionals interested in trade policy, I strongly recommend seeking the opportunity to become a part of WITA’s “Interns family”. Claudia Gomez, Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, Fall 2008 Intern.

“Interning at WITA has been a remarkable experience for me. It has exposed me to wealth of trade policy issues and opened my eyes to many possible career paths for my future. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in pursuing a career in international trade policy. The events that WITA hosts give interns the opportunity to make valuable contacts with people of many organizations in DC. I have truly enjoyed my summer at WITA and cannot wait to come back and attend more events in the future!” Whitney Mixter, Wake Forest University, Economics, Summer 2008 Intern

“Working at WITA was a great experience for me. The organization allowed me to not only help, but take charge of certain projects throughout the summer. The events were a great way to network as well as gain more knowledge about the different facets of trade. I would definitely recommend this internship to those interested in a career in trade and for all those, like me, who have an interest in trade, but are not exactly sure what career they would like to pursue. WITA was a great place to be and if you aren’t a member already, sign up today! Sarah Hayden, UNC Asheville, International Economics, Summer 2008 Intern

“My experiences at WITA have been nothing but positive. The environment allows you to make real contributions to the organization which is rare for an internship. I have met many influential and experienced trade professionals and have learned much more than I would learn in a classroom. This internship has definitely helped shape my future career goals. I can’t wait to come back to DC and attend WITA events as a member!” Caitlin Van Sant, James Madison University, International Affairs and International Business Majors, Latin American Studies Minor, Spring 2008 Intern

“My experience at WITA was a very positive one. This internship has been very educational and informative and has helped me prepare for the next stage of my career. The experience not only exposed me to the trade policy world but also allowed me to meet successful professionals, gain first hand knowledge of how associations are run, and how trade policy in DC really works. I recommend this internship to anyone who is interested in trade and wants to learn how policy is discussed and made in Washington.” Michael Ford, Ohio University, Political Science, Fall 2007 Intern

“Interning at WITA is a great opportunity for anyone interested in international trade! Being able to network with many of the most highly regarded trade professionals in the DC area is truly invaluable. Interning at WITA has offered me many ideas for the future and has definitely given me a push in the right direction. I recommend this internship to anyone who wants to gain first hand experience of how trade works in DC and wishes to become involved in the future.” Sandi Stewart, Monterey Institute of International Studies, International Trade Policy, Summer 2007 Intern

“WITA is definitely a place to be exposed to the current issues affecting international trade policy. If you want to learn about the major players in international trade this is definitely a good place to start. It introduced me to aspects of trade policy that I would never learn from reading my textbooks.” Rhea Acuna, University of Michigan, Economics and Asian Studies, Summer 2007 Intern.

“Through my internship with WITA, I was exposed to the full range of organizations and players that influence international trade and was provided with a broad yet in-depth knowledge of how trade policy operates in Washington. I also had the opportunity to develop some solid netwroking to further my connections in the field and the area. Many options and positives are available to your advantage; if you are interested in learning about trade, making connections, and defining your career path, then an internship with WITA provides all the necessary tools and opportunities”. Shelton Metcalf, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill), International Studies and Economics, Spring 2007 Intern.

“WITA and Washington DC were great starting points for my career! The diverse international environment, excellent discussions on international trade and numerous networking opportunities helped me to figure out which career path I could most successfully pursue”. Jaana Lillemagi, The University of Birmingham (UK), MA in International Political Economy, Fall 2006 Intern.

“My time at WITA has been extremely beneficial; WITA events are a perfect opportunity to meet successful professionals, to learn about trade, and to see what D.C. has to offer. I think that this internship was really necessary for me to make the most of my education because it pushed me back into reality and out of an academic realm.” Jillian Maslyn, Syracuse University, International Relations, Summer 2006 intern.

“The WITA internship is a great opportunity to network with some of the best and brightest trade professionals in the DC area. If you are unsure what kind of trade work you want to do, this internship will allow you to meet the people who work in various trade fields and allow you to get a broad picture of the trade community in DC.” Go Kasai, The George Washington University, International Affairs and Asian Studies, Winter/Spring 2006 intern.

“My experience at WITA has been very rewarding from beginning to end. I was able to observe leaders up-close, interact and learn from them. Also, working at the events has provided me with a first hand experience on the formation of trade policy.” Maria Seaman, University of North Carolina at Charlotte, International Business and Spanish, Fall 2005 intern.

“WITA’s internship program provided me with a first hand, in-depth look at the formation of trade policy. I even met a lot of the major players in the trade world. Putting together the WITA Annual Dinner and working with the Embassies was an amazing -and rewarding- experience. ” Alec Brown, American University, Political Science. Summer 2005 intern.

“An internship at WITA exposes you to how trade issues are discussed and dealt with in the ‘real world’ by planning, running, and attending the same forums as trade professionals from both the private and public sectors.” Stephanie Schwartzkopf, University of Richmond, Economics and International Studies, Summer 2005 intern.

“The WITA office was a very open environment, which allowed me to see the behind-the-scenes aspects of a small non-profit. It was comfortable to discuss developments in international trade and many other topics. I was also able to develop my own projects and follow them through to completion. The semester flew by!” Ashleigh Tschiltz, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, Economics and International Studies, Spring 2005.

“The most valuable experience I obtained at WITA was gaining first hand experience of the ins and outs of one of the meccas of trade policy: Washington DC. Observing the system up close and in real life is much more valuable than reading about policy and process in a book, or in a lecture hall. This first hand insight is an asset to everyone interested in anything remotely close to politics or international affairs.” Francis Bechet, The Hague School of European Studies, Hague University, Netherlands. Public Administration. Winter/Spring 2005 intern.

“Working at WITA introduced me to an entire community of people interested in an array of international and trade related topics. From government officials, to diplomats, to working professionals, to college students, WITA’s members are as diverse as DC itself. This internship is what you make it and if you have the drive, there’s tremendous potential in the resources WITA has to offer.” Maria Klioutcheva, George Washington University, International Affairs/Economics, Summer/Fall 2004 intern.

“Interning at WITA gave me great insight into the inner workings of a small non-profit. I was also exposed to countless career possibilites and international trade topics.” Lindsey Steinberg, James Madison University, International Affairs/French major, Fall 2004 Intern.

“My experience at WITA was phenomenal. I learned since the moment I arrived, and I made some very useful and valuable connections during my internship. In my opinion, the opportunity to meet representatives from basically every industry interested in trade in Washington DC sets the WITA internship apart from all others.” Sam Major, Brigham Young University, German and International Business major, Spring/Summer 2004 intern.

“My internship at WITA was a positive, rewarding experience. I was exposed to diplomats and professionals in the international trade community that I never would have otherwise met. Attending the events showed me how trade theory plays out in the real world. I would highly recommend a WITA internship to students interested in trade, economics, and international relations.” Marie G., George Washington University, International Business major, Fall 2003 intern.

“My internship at WITA was a great introduction to the field of trade. I gained a broader understanding of the players and issues that surround the trade industry. The speakers are excellent, and the issues discussed are real-world, not just the theory you read in textbooks. My experience has made me want to pursue a career in trade policy.” Rebecca Puckett, George Washington University, International Affairs major, Fall 2003 intern.