WITA Memberships & Sponsorships


Become a member of WITA to join a community of over 5,000 international trade professionals, drawn from businesses, law, academia, NGOs, embassies and the U.S. Government (Congress and the Administration). Memberships are available for individuals and organizations.

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By joining WITA, you can advance your personal and professional goals by being part of the most dynamic community of international trade professionals in the world. Become a member of WITA to get priority access to:

  • Appearances by National and International Leaders
  • Discussions of today’s most current trade topics
  • Embassy Events
  • Networking Socials
  • The WITA/WITF Annual Awards Dinner



Join WITA as an individual member or as part of your organization.  Group memberships, which also come with Sponsorship of the WITA/WITF Annual Dinner and the Washington International Trade Conference, come with free passes to WITA events, and give your organization visibility on the WITA website and at WITA events.

Individual Memberships

Individual memberships in WITA are available to anyone active in international trade, and those who want to be part of the most dynamic community of international trade professionals in the world.  We tailor individual memberships to meet the needs of individuals at different stages of their careers.

  • Individual Membership
  • Government Membership
  • Student Membership
  • In-Transition Membership
  • Young Trade Professionals
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Group Memberships

Group memberships are tailored to organizations with multiple individuals active on international trade.  Group memberships are also available as part of sponsorship of WITA’s signature events, including the WITA/WITF Annual Dinner.

  • Small Group Membership (1-5 Individuals)
  • Large Group Membership (6-10 Individuals)
  • Executive Group Membership (Unlimited Individuals)
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Annual Dinner Sponsor

The WITA/WITF Annual Dinner is the largest and most high profile event of the year for international trade professionals.  By sponsoring the WITA/WITF Annual Dinner (a/k/a the “Trade Prom”), your organization also receives a group membership.

Sponsorship and Membership

  • Diamond Level & Executive Membership
  • Platinum Level & Executive Membership
  • Gold Level & Executive Membership
  • Silver Level & Executive Membership
  • Major Contributor & Executive Membership
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WITA Internship

WITA’s Signature Internship Program gives participants a front row seat to the dynamic world of international trade and Washington politics, while giving them practical office skills, event management experience, networking opportunities, and the opportunity to interact with leading professionals in international trade.

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Association of USTR Alumni

The Association of USTR Alumni (AUSTRA) provides networking opportunities to its members, and recognizes the contributions and achievements of current and past employees of the Office of the United States Trade Representative.

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Embassy and Ministry Network

WITA is proud to count hundreds of trade officials from around the world as members and alumni.  WITA’s Embassy and Ministry Network provides an opportunity for trade officials from around the world to stay connected with the global trade community, and to keep abreast of key developments on trade in Washington, DC .