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Chips Are Up: 10 Top Trade Trends in Semiconductors

John W. Miller | Trade Data Monitor | 05/24/2023

The strategic geopolitical battle over semiconductors, the key ingredient in computers and phones, is ramping up, as the U.S., China and other countries boost investments in domestic production, protect their…

The Return to Trade Protectionism

Keith M. Rockwell | Hinrich Foundation | 05/16/2023

Excerpt from pages 3-5. The Road to Protectionism A series of global shocks ...

Trade Integration in Africa: Unleashing the Continent’s Potential in a Changing World

Asmaa A ElGanainy et al. | International Monetary Fund | 05/05/2023

Of Bytes and Trade: Quantifying the Impact of Digitalisation on Trade

Javier López González, Silvia Sorescu and Pinar Kaynak | OECD | 05/03/2023

Introduction Di...

Global Trade’s Secret Weapon: Cars

John W. Miller | Trade Data Monitor | 04/14/2023

In what’s meant to be a bum year for the global economy, world commerce is g...


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