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In a Fragmented World, We Can’t Take Global Trade for Granted

Alan Wm. Wolff | Fortune | 01/20/2023

Trade served the world economy very well in 2022. Despite a global pandemic that has caused nearly 7 million deaths (over 1 million of them in the United States), trade…

Fighting Global Protection: Why the Economist is Mistaken

Michael Pettis | Carnegie Endowment for International Peace | 01/18/2023

Policies are not “protectionist...

Trade Data Monitor’s Top 10 Trade Trends Going Into 2023

John W. Miller | Trade Data Monitor | 01/03/2023

The world was rocked in 2022 by Russia’s invasion of U...

2023 Will Be a Defining Year for Brexit and Trade

David Henig | European Centre for International Political Economy | 12/31/2022

Notwithstanding endless discussio...

Beware the Misleading Narrative on Globalization’s Retreat

Simon Evenett | Institute for Management Development | 12/30/2022

Part of the fallout from today’s p...

Revisiting International Trade’s Role in Domestic Development

Nirvaan Pandit, Dr. Badri Narayanan Gopalakrishnan | Business Standard | 12/19/2022

Unlocking ...


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