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PPI’s Trade Fact Of The Week: World GDP Will Top $100 Trillion For The First Time In 2022

Ed Gresser | Progressive Policy Institute | 01/12/2022

FACT: World GDP will top $100 trillion for the first time in 2022. THE NUMBERS:  $102 trillion     World GDP (currency-basis), 2022 $480 trillion     World individually held wealth, 2022…

The Big Question For Trade In 2022

Stephen Olson | Hinrich Foundation | 01/11/2022

With the new year upon us, here is one big question to keep an eye on as 2022 u...

Trade Data Monitor’s Top 10 Trade Trends Going Into 2022

John Miller | Trade Data Monitor | 01/06/2022

Amid U.S.-China tensions, Brexit, and other political th...

The China Challenge: The Stain of Forced Labor on Nike Shoes

Amelia Pang | Discourse Magazine | 01/05/2022

In March 2020, a damning report from the Australian Str...

How Barriers To Trade Can Be Barriers To Climate Change Adaptation

Ishan Nath | VoxEU | 12/24/2021

A wide range of evidence suggests that global warming will have...

Supply Chain Disruptions — Are We Done Yet?

Jon Gold | National Retail Federation | 12/20/2021

We are less than one week from Christmas and the recurring questi...

Trump’s Trade War Was an Economic and Political Loss

Robert Krol | Discourse | 12/08/2021

The Biden administration should change course and embrace a more open...


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