WITA Academy Career Development




The WITA Academy seeks to expand diversity, equity and inclusion in international trade by educating students and others about careers in international trade.

The WITA Academy, through our vast network of trade professionals in the United States and around the world, highlights different pathways to a future job in international trade. Working directly with universities and local communities, the WITA Academy helps empower individuals to overcome obstacles that might otherwise keep them from accessing career opportunities in international trade.

The work of the WITA Academy fosters a sustainable pipeline for the international trade community to bring the best and brightest, next generation workforce into the trade policy community – diversifying its network of professionals with new talent that may not have previously sought careers in international trade.


Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please email Diego Añez at danez@wita.org


Upcoming Events

College of Arts & Sciences Leadership Lunch & Learn 2024 – Howard University

Careers in International Trade & Law Series – Fall Session at Howard School of Law


Past Events

Pathways To Opportunity – Howard University

Pathways To Opportunity – University of Delaware

Pathways To Opportunity – University of Denver/APSIA

Launch of the WITA Academy’s Careers in International Trade & Law Series – Spring Session at Georgetown Law

Pathways To Opportunity – Yeutter Institute

Pathways To Opportunity – Fashion Institute of Technology

College of Arts & Sciences Leadership Lunch and Learn 2023 – Howard University

Pathways To Opportunity – Howard University

Pathways To Opportunity – University of Delaware 

Husker Trade Talk – Careers in International Affairs, Business & Trade


Topics Covered

Public Sector Sessions

The Executive Branch and White House

Office of the United States Trade Representative

Congressional Opportunities on Capitol Hill

International Trade Administration and the Department of Commerce

Global Markets/USFCS, Industry and Analysis, Foreign Commercial Service and; Enforcement & Compliance

The USITC – Investigations and Analysis

U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Customs and Border Protection

Careers in International Organizations (United Nations, World Trade Organization, OECD)

Private Sector Sessions

Government and Public Affairs – Corporate Opportunities

Trade Law – Big and Small Firms

Trade Associations

Lobbying and Advocacy

Supply Chain Management

Transportation & Logistics

Environment & Sustainability 



Skills Training Sessions for International Affairs, Business and Trade

Navigating USAJobs.com

Job Recruitment with Headhunters

Skills Training for the U.S. Private Sector (in partnership with Women in International Trade)

Application and Interview Skills