Young Trade Professionals (YTP)

Engaging and Elevating the Next Generation of Trade Leaders


YTP brings together young professionals in an interactive environment to build relationships and expertise in trade

YTP targets young professionals, under the age of 40, who have an avid interest in trade and seek an opportunity to translate interest into experience. YTP members work in various different corners of the trade policy community, such as U.S. government, trade associations, think tanks, media, foreign governments, and private sector companies. The portfolio of programs are structured in a way that is as much career-oriented as it is content-oriented. As a Young Trade Professional, YTP offers you:

  • Interactive panel discussions on current trade events with both senior and mid-level professional speakers
  • “Trade on the Hill” events to engage with Congressional Staff
  • Brown Bag luncheons with featured speakers from the Washington DC trade policy community
  • Happy hours to build your network and to be a part of our trade community
  • Skill building workshops to guide you through the first steps of your career path
  • Professional development events on new skills, jobs, and networking
  • Opportunities to exhibit leadership and build practical experience through the YTP Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and Programming Committees
  • The opportunity to get your voice heard by contributing to NextGen Voices
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  • See bottom of the page for YTPedia – a quick guide to help anyone understand the basics of trade

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YTPedia - Trade 101 is a quick guide to help anyone understand the basics of trade. Check out this page for definitions of basic terms and acronyms, and resources for expanded reading and learning!