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Green Steel Deal: Climate mitigation and international trade come together in decarbonization policy proposal

Justine Chen | Vanderbilt University | 06/14/2021

In a paper published by the Roosevelt Institute, Vanderbilt faculty proposed that as the 2021 G7 summit gets underway, the Biden Administration has a chance for a new beginning in fighting climate…

Biden Tries to Rally G7 Nations to Counter China’s Influence

David E. Sanger, Mark Landler | The New York Times | 06/14/2021

President Biden urged European nati...

UK’s Johnson agrees to deepen relationship with Spain: UK statement

Reuters Staff | Reuters | 06/14/2021

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain’s Prime Minister B...

WTO head says pandemic-related trade barriers are rising

Emma Farge | Reuters | 06/14/2021

The head of the World Trade Organization said on Monday that trade barr...

Congested Ports, Christmas Set to Extend Shipping Bottlenecks

Bloomberg News | 06/14/2021

The combination of Covid-related port closures and the significant incre...

Biden says U.S. is ‘back at the table’ following G-7 summit

Natasha Turak, Emma Newburger | CNBC News | 06/14/2021

President Joe Biden on Sunday said the U.S....

UK-EU sausage spat sizzles on final day of G7 summit

Al Jazeera | 06/14/2021

Growing tensions between Britain and the European Union threatened to overshadow the ...


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