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A New Horizon in U.S. Trade Policy

Trevor Sutton, Mike Williams | The Center for American Progress | 03/14/2023

Key Developments and Questions for the Biden Administration Under President Biden, the United States is reinvigorating its trade policy to better confront the major challenges of the 21st century, but…

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse at the WTO

Alan Wm. Wolff | Peterson Institute for International Economics | 03/13/2023

The EU chose a marvelously provocative...

Globalization and International Value Chains: 2000-2021

Guy F. Erb, Scott Sommers | 02/28/2023

The disruptions in international supply chains that occurred durin...

One Year of War in Ukraine: Assessing the Impact on Global Trade and Development

World Trade Organization | 02/23/2023

The war in Ukraine is causing immense human...

MSC 2023: Protectonic Shifts – Global Trade Under Pressure

BR24 | 02/17/2023

The European security architecture has been in ruins since the Russian war of a...


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