BLOOMBERG: Brexit Bulletin: Planning for Retreat?




April 25th, 2018 | By Emma Ross-Thomas —  

Today in Brexit: Leave supporters are dialing back their rhetoric on the customs union as the campaign to force Prime Minister Theresa May to stay in gains momentum.

Pressure is mounting on Theresa May to stay in the European Union’s trading bloc in a U-turn that would enrage Brexit enthusiasts. But the Brexit backers in her Cabinet are hardly lining up to threaten resignation if she goes ahead.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson dodged the question on Monday when asked if he would resign if Parliament forces May to stay in the customs union, reiterating his view that Brexit means leaving the trading regime too. Meanwhile Trade Secretary Liam Fox, whose main job is to make the independent trade policy that would be impossible inside the customs union, made a good case for why staying in wouldn’t be such an obstacle to a new “global Britain.”

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