BLOOMBERG: These Are the Six Biggest WTO Disputes You Need to Care About




March 14 | By: Bryce Baschuk. 

The World Trade Organization’s dispute mechanism is facing the most critical period in its history as the U.S. prepares to take a more aggressive approach toward the Geneva-based organization. Since 1994, the U.S. has filed over 110 WTO dispute cases against its trading partners and defended itself in nearly 130 cases.

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While governments file WTO cases, the findings can directly affect companies. Here are the biggest disputes now brewing:

China Fights Back on Dumping

The dispute: China alleges the U.S. and EU impose unfair anti-dumping duties its products.

What’s at stake: A loss for the U.S. and EU could hurt their ability to protect domestic producers from an influx of cheap Chinese products. The U.S. and EU may have to modify anti-dumping rules or face retaliation from China.

Expected time frame: An investigation should begin in 2017. A final WTO decision is expected in 2018 or 2019.

Interested companies: AK Steel Holding Corp., Allegheny Technologies Inc., Carpenter Technology Corp., Commercial Metals Co., and Nucor Corp., Steel Dynamics Inc., and U.S. Steel Corp. ArcelorMittal S.A., ThyssenKrupp AG, Acerinox S.A, Aperam SA, British Steel Ltd, Gruppo Riva, Salzgitter AG, SSAB AB, and Voestalpine AG.

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