China’s Path to Tariff Retribution Could Begin with Boeing




March 14th, 2018 | By TIM MULLANEY 

If China decides to respond to President Donald Trump’s reported wish to slap $60 billion of tariffs on Chinese goods, the path to revenge could begin with Boeing, the darling of the rising stock market on which Trump has staked his claim to economic credibility.

The Chicago-based maker of airplanes for both military and civilian use contributed 24 percent of the gain in the Dow Jones Industrial Average since December 2016, said Howard Silverblatt, senior industry analyst for Index Investment Strategy for S&P Dow Jones Indices. More than 1,200 points of the Dow’s rise stems directly from the 117 percent jump in Boeing stock since then.

But Boeing was down more than 4 percent at its Wednesday intraday low, its worst daily performance in over a month, and the stock was the biggest contributor to a several-hundred point intraday Dow decline.

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