CNN: New Security Strategy to Call China ‘Strategic Competitor,’ Lay Out Strategic Aims




December 18, 2017 | By: ALLIE MALLOY 

President Trump will unveil his administration’s National Security Strategy on Monday, laying out its objectives and how it views various threats.

According to officials who briefed reporters Sunday, the strategy — a congressionally mandated document — identifies four national interests: protecting the homeland, advancing American prosperity, preserving peace through strength and pushing American influence by new approaches to development.
The President will discuss the strategy during a speech Monday afternoon in Washington.
Repeating the emphasis Trump laid out on the campaign trail of “America First,” the officials described a similar aim for this strategy, in which America’s economic prosperity is the key objective.
One emphasis in the document is on China, a country in which the United States is juggling various interests. While the Trump administration has complained about the trade imbalance with China, the White House also has been putting pressure on Beijing to limit its trade with North Korea.
“The strategy refers to China as a strategic competitor … China is effectively across the political, economic, military and informational domain in ways probably not duplicated by our other competitors,” one official said.


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