NEW YORK TIMES: After 2017 Breakthrough, 2018 Is When Brexit Gets Tough




January 11, 2018 | By: THE ASSOCIATED PRESS –  

LONDON — After months of spats and false starts, Britain and the European Union ended 2017 by agreeing to have an amicable divorce. In 2018, they have to find a way to live together in the future — and that’s when things could get complicated.

With the U.K. due to leave the bloc in just over a year, the fates of Britain and of Prime Minister Theresa May depend on whether the two sides strike a friendly deal, a frosty deal or no deal at all.

“This year is going to be messy,” said Maike Bohn of The3Million, a group that successfully lobbied to make the rights of EU citizens in Britain one of the dominant issues in the first round of Brexit talks. “Not everything is resolved and there are some big, crucial gaps.” 

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