POLITICO: John Boehner-aligned group plans $1M ad blitz for trade bill




BY: and | 6/4/15 at 5:13 am| Source: POLITICO  John Boehner-aligned group plans $1M ad blitz for trade bill. An outside political advocacy organization closely aligned with Speaker John Boehner is spending close to $1 million to promote a bill that would give President Barack Obama fast-track trade authority, saying China will gain economic prominence if Congress fails to act. The American Action Network, which spent close to $1 million boosting House Republican leadership during the Department of Homeland Security funding fight, is now spending $375,000 for national television ads on Fox News, $250,000 on mail pieces in 25 GOP districts, $200,000 on digital advertising in 65 districts and $75,000 on radio spots.
The TV advertisement blasts Democrats and trade unions for opposing the bill, and says if Congress doesn’t pass trade promotion authority, China will benefit and America will lose. It’s meant to bolster House GOP leadership’s efforts by giving air cover to Republicans vote for TPA. “China is trying to stack the deck on international trade. And America must respond if we’re to stay No. 1,” the narrator says. “Predictably, the liberals and labor unions advocate weakness abroad. But conservatives need to stand up for American jobs and rebuild U.S. credibility around the world by passing the trade promotion authority.” To read the full article, please click here