POLITICO: What Kevin Brady thinks of Trump’s trade agenda




March 27 | By: Doug Palmer. 

But two decades later, he’s on the front lines as President Donald Trump prepares to make good on his campaign promise to renegotiate the landmark agreement with Canada and Mexico — or pull the United States out of it.

Trump’s NAFTA push is a high-wire act that, as Brady sees things, could determine whether the White House succeeds in its pursuit of a series of bilateral trade agreements, as opposed to regional pacts such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership that the new president abandoned days after taking office. Asked if the pending renegotiation was an important “test case” for the administration, Brady’s expression showed his agreement even before the question was finished being posed.

“Oh I think so,” Brady told POLITICO in an interview in his Capitol Hill office. “Clearly, the trade world will be micro-examining every comment related to NAFTA.”

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