REUTERS: Mexico sets out NAFTA goals ahead of re-negotiation talks: document




August 1, 2017 | By: Gabriel Stargardter. 

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico has set out its goals for an upcoming re-negotiation of the NAFTA trade accord, according to a document seen by Reuters on Tuesday, prioritizing free access for goods and services, greater labor market integration and a strengthening of energy security.

The economy ministry document, circulating in the Mexican senate and dated July, will serve as the basis for Mexico’s position at the upcoming talks to update the North American Free Trade Agreement. The talks between Canada, Mexico and the United States are due to start in Washington on Aug. 16.

“Our objective is to have an expedited negotiation that maintains the benefits that we have achieved during the lifespan of NAFTA, but which at the same time serves as a platform for the modernization of the treaty,” the document says.

Mexico will seek to retain unimpeded access for goods and services in the NAFTA region, promote greater integration of North American labor markets and establish rules of origin to guarantee NAFTA’s regional benefits, the document says


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