THE COUNCIL FOR CANADIANS: Trudeau makes concessions to secure a Canada-China Free Trade Agreement




March 30 | By: Brent Patterson.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to be making concessions demanded by the Chinese government in relation to the Canada-China Free Trade Agreement talks.

The Trudeau government also recently approved the purchase of a chain of twenty-four seniors care facilities in British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec by Beijing-based Anbang Insurance Group despite its murky ownership structure, civil society concerns, and the limits this places on new regulations to protect vulnerable seniors, ensure quality care, and maintain adequate staffing levels.

On September 22, 2016, Trudeau and Li announced that exploratory talks toward a Canada-China Free Trade Agreement would be launched. Those talks began on February 20 in Beijing. Four weeks later, on March 10, the Trudeau government began an online consultation seeking public input into a potential deal. The next round of Canada-China FTA talks will take place in Canada in April.


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