REUTERS: U.S. Optimistic Global Trade Deal Will Come into Force This Year




Reporting by KRISTA HUGHES | Editing by ALAN CROSBY | Published on 3/4/15 11:56am EST | Source: REUTERS U.S. optimistic global trade deal will come into force this year (Reuters) – The United States expects a global deal to cut customs red tape and streamline import procedures to come into force this year, a senior trade official said on Wednesday. Mark Linscott, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative for World Trade Organization and Multilateral Affairs, said Washington was “pretty confident” the deal agreed in Bali in 2013 would be up and running by year-end. “It’s quite realistic to expect that the trade facilitation agreement can come into force by the end of the year,” he told a Washington International Trade Association event. To read the full article, please click here.