Aid for Trade Global Review: Empowering connected sustainable trade



World Trade Organization

Trade objectives feature prominently in the development strategies of developing countries. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, trade remains a development priority. This is the strong message that emerges from the 2022 Aid for Trade monitoring and evaluation (M&E) exercise, conducted jointly with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Developing countries and their financing partners are looking to the multilateral trading system to deliver development outcomes. Of the 53 developing countries which responded to the questionnaire accompanying the M&E exercise, 50 (94 per cent) include trade priorities in their development strategies, including 25 least-developed countries (LDCs) (93 per cent). Responses also indicate that 31 donors (86 per cent) include trade priorities in their development strategies. 

Aid for Trade Global Review- Empowering connected sustainable trade

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