Climate Change and Sustainability: Mediterranean Perspectives



Andrea Dessì, Daniele Fattibene, and Flavia Fusco | Istituto Affari Internazionali

This volume examines the challenges and interlinkages between climate change and sustainable development across the Mediterranean, where the climate crisis is further aggravating pre-existing political, social, economic and environmental fragilities. The research takes stock of present realities and seeks to identify priority areas of engagement while promoting better understandings of the nature and implications of this multidimensional relationship. Recognised as a climate change “hotspot”, this region is particularly exposed to the climate emergency and its cascading effects on human security and development. Rising temperatures, declining precipitation and increased pollution, combined with urbanisation and demographic growth, are adding significant stress to state and societal resilience. Individual chapters address the relationship between climate change and the water-food nexus across Mediterranean states; the promise and obstacles to digital agriculture as a way to improve yield outputs while diminishing negative externalities; the challenges of plastic pollution and waste in the Mediterranean region and the impact that impending energy transitions, including in the domain of the European Green Deal, may have on sustainable development across Mediterranean states.


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