Contribution to Growth: The European Digital Single Market



J. Scott Marcus, Georgios Petropoulos, and Timothy Yeung | European Parliament

Numerous legislative measures have been initiated or enacted in support of the overall achievement of a Digital Single Market (DSM). This in-depth analysis provides a brief stock-taking of what has been achieved in economic terms, of what remains to be done, and of candidate initiatives for the next legislative term.

This study evaluates the benefits of a Digital Single Market for Europe, and quantifies the Commission’s Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy (2015) from an economic perspective. The DSM Strategy seeks to tackle a wide range of issues related to the digitisation of European society, but an over-arching theme is the facilitation of cross-border electronic commerce within the EU. It is broadly in line with long-standing European Parliament initiatives to achieve a “digital single market that is essentially about removing national barriers to transactions that take place online.”

The authors consider first the effects of the legislative measures that comprise the DSM Strategy, and then discuss their relationship to the overall EU objectives of completion of the Single Market and of the digitisation of European society.

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