The Evolution of Taiwan’s Trade Linkages With the U.S. and Global Economies



Stephen Ezell | Information Technology & Innovation Foundation

Economic, trade, innovation, and supply chain linkages between the United States and Taiwan are vitally important to the health of both nations’ advanced technology industries, enterprises, and broader economies. Taiwanese companies represent key suppliers to many “Tier 1” U.S. original equipment manufacturing (OEM) firms, meaning that the success of those U.S. OEMs, particularly in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, depends on the vibrancy and innovation capacity of key Taiwanese suppliers. Especially in the semiconductor, related ICT, and electric vehicle (EV) industries, Taiwanese enterprises have become vital players in global supply chains for the manufacture of sophisticated advanced-technology products. Building off the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation’s (ITIF) prior report “Global Trade Interdependence: U.S. Trade Linkages With Korea, Mexico, and Taiwan,” this report examines the continually evolving Taiwanese trade, economic, innovation, and supply chain linkages with the United States and other global economies. The report further examines how countries are implementing strategies to promote reshoring and supply chain resiliency, and provides policy recommendations on a variety of issues such as how to advance supply chain resiliency, foster greater levels of technology and innovation collaboration and cooperation, and more broadly deepen trade and economic linkages between both Taiwan and the United States and Taiwan and the broader global innovation economy.


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