Africa’s Free Trading Future – Launch of the Initiative for African Trade and Prosperity




In recent centuries, free trade has helped lift billions of people worldwide out of extreme poverty. While Africa remains the world’s poorest and least economically free continent, this year, with the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area, dozens of African states are embarking on a policy change that could revolutionise the economic fortunes of the continent forever. The AfCFTA is not only the world’s largest free trade area, but it also represents the first opportunity in Africa’s history for all states to pursue an intra-continental trading relationship based on free trade.

As well as exploring the future of free trade in Africa, this webinar is also the official launch of the Initiative for African Trade and Prosperity (IATP), a new project of the Institute of Economic Affairs and the Vinson Centre. The goal of the IATP is to champion African free market solutions for increased prosperity by helping to support those best positioned to make a change.

What is the current state of free trade in Africa? Will the new free trade area really revolutionise the continent’s economy? What more needs to be done? And what role will Initiative for African Trade and Prosperity play in all of this?

During our launch event, the director of the Initiative for African Trade and Prosperity, Alexander Hammond, will be joined by three distinguished members of the project’s advisory council.

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