Launch of the Silverado Policy Accelerator



Terence P. Stewart | Current Thoughts on Trade

Today, February 24, 2021, marks the launch of a nonprofit organization, the Silverado Policy Accelerator, which describes its “Mission Imperative” as “Forging a path toward American prosperity and global competitiveness by accelerating bipartisan economic, strategic, and technological policy solutions” in three areas — cybersecurity, trade and industrial security and what they call “Eco2Sec (“foregrounding the nexus of economic and ecological risk and opportunity to meet the 21st-centruy climate imperative”). The Silverado Policy Accelerator’s webpage is Its co-founders are Dmitri Alperovitch and Maureen Hinman. Sarah Stewart is the Executive Director. Mr. Alperovitch is a cybersecurity expert and co-founder of CrowdStrike, Inc. Ms. Hinman’s background is in trade and environment within the U.S. government. Write-ups on all Silverado Policy Accelerator personnel can be found at The Honorary Chairs of the Strategic Council of the Sivlerado Policy Accelerators are Gen. David Petraeus (Army, Ret.) and The Honorable Malcolm Turnbull (Former Prime Minister of Australia). There are currently thirty Strategic Advisers to the Silverado Policy Accelerator. The Advisers have backgrounds in one or more of the three topics and/or expertise on China and/or Russia. I am fortunate to be among a distinguished group serving as Strategic Advisers.

The webpage addresses the question what is the Silverado Policy Accelerator. “Silverado is a new addition to Washington’s policy development ecosystem. Unlike a conventional policy institute, we use a novel accelerator model that combines the expertise of a traditional think tank with the dynamism of a venture approach. The three stages of our accelerator model—Cultivating, Incubating, and Accelerating—are designed to transform fresh policy ideas into actionable policy initiatives, nurturing a new strategic and economic vision from the ground up.”

Hearty congratulations to Dmitri, Maureen and Sarah on today’s launch. Hopefully, the Silverado Policy Accelerator will be an important source for the policy options and implementation game plans needed to ensure U.S. global leadership for decades to come.

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