The Lebanon-Cyprus East Med deal is a new test for Turkey, one it is likely to fail



Rami Rayess | Alarabiya News

Every time two Mediterranean countries meet to discuss oil and gas in the eastern basin of the sea, Turkey feels boxed in. Doubly so if Cyprus, which falls under the patronage of its historical opponent Greece, is involved in the negotiations. Keeping an eye on such activities is simply not enough. Ankara wants to know more and, if necessary, retaliate in one way or another.

Last week, Lebanon’s caretaker Foreign Minister Zeina Akar visited Nicosia and held a meeting with the island’s top officials. The most important announcement was the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two states regarding oil and gas. Though little has been announced regarding the details of the MOU, the mere fact that the two countries have adopted a rapprochement policy signals their mutual willingness to coordinate in the future.