Zoning in on Foreign Trade Zones




For hundreds of U.S. companies in industries ranging from autos and pharmaceuticals to steel and electronics, Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) play a vital role in their supply chain management and cost reduction. U.S exports from FTZs doubled from 2004 to 2008, but the important role of FTZs in U.S. trade and industrial policies and job creation is little understood. Recently, the Commerce Department proposed the most sweeping changes in FTZ regulations in more than two decades. What impact will the proposed rule changes have on firms that operate in zones? How important are FTZs to U.S. business? Do FTZs make U.S. industry more competitive or do they represent a loophole in U.S. trade rules? What is behind the criticism that some have raised against FTZs? This timely program will answer these questions and more. Speakers: Lewis LEIBOWITZ, Hogan Lovells & Board member, NAFTZ; Ron DeBARR, Northeast Ohio Trade and Economic Consortium; David SPOONER, Squire Sanders With your Moderator: Sam GILSTON, Editor of Washington Tariff and Trade Letter; WITA Board member