Arab Summer: What’s Next for Trade in Egypt and the Middle East?




The euphoria of the 2011 revolutions in the Arab world has given way to the practical considerations of establishing new governments. No where is the interest higher than in the largest economy in the Middle East– Egypt, which is conducting elections at the national level for the first time in decades. Our panelists will provide an update on the commercial and trade policy prospects in the entire Middle Eastern region, along with special focus on the outcome of the Egyptian elections in the context of Egypt’s trade, investment and commercial policies, and the new government’s likely position on an FTA with the United States. What impact could recent events in Egypt mean for the future of trade and investment there, and throughout the Middle East? What are the medium- and long-term future prospects of Middle Eastern trade policy within the region, and vis a vis the United States?
Speakers: Hisham FAHMY, President & CEO, American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt Chuck DITTRICH, VP Regional Trade Initiatives, NFTC Robert DRUMHELLER, VP Structured Finance, OPIC