International Trade Career Roundtable: Networking and Job Hunting for Foreign Nationals




The Career Roundtable is a bi-monthly series of luncheons centered on career advancement for trade professionals. Interact with career experts and other trade policy professionals in a relaxed setting as you learn concrete steps toward career advancement.
In a competitive job market with strict hiring laws, foreign nationals find additional challenges that further limit their employment options. What institutions are open to hiring foreign nationals? What are they looking for, and what are the typical process and timetable? How can you set yourself apart as you network and seek job openings? What cultural networking norms in the US do you need to be aware of? Our speakers are DC
insiders drawing from years of experience. They are foreign nationals themselves, adding extra value to their insights. Learn what skills and competencies are sought from international applicants, where you should be looking, and how to improve your networking skills to stand out from the crowd!
Featured Speaker: Rafael BOSQUEZ, Economic Attaché, Québec Gov. Office in Washington; & TBD Speaker from a Multinational Organization