The WITA Transatlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) Series Part 2 “Overcoming the Thorny Issues of Agriculture”




The transatlantic trading relationship between the U.S. and EU has long been characterized by such appetizing issues as bananas, beef (hormones), dairy (geographical indications), poultry (equivalence in processing systems) and corn/soybeans (GMOs). Many trade disputes in the food and agricultural sector have lingered for decades leaving many to wonder whether meaningful progress can be achieved in a comprehensive free trade agreement that includes all segments of the food pyramid. Find out what former U.S. and EU agricultural negotiators have to say about how to navigate the thorny issues of agriculture – will all sectors be included or will some of the tough issues be set aside?  Are some of the agricultural issues just intractable and impossible to resolve?  The former negotiators on this panel may be our best hope for uncovering the strategies that will be the key to the success of the US-EU trade talks.


Jim GRUEFF, former SPS and agriculture negotiator for USDA Joe O’MARA, former Chief Negotiator for Agriculture João PACHECO, Deputy Director-General for Agriculture and former trade negotiator, European Commission With your Moderator: Jim MURPHY, former AUSTR for Agriculture