Tools of the Trade: Trade Finance




Thinking of exporting? Trade Finance can seem very complex for those who do not have much experience in the field. Come get an introduction into export finance from our expert speakers. What are the risks and rewards of overseas customers? Learn the different sources of export working capital  and mitigating risk to: expand into exporting, maintain cash flow, receive larger orders without taking additional risk, and finance business expansion as a result of exporting. Also learn about funding overseas project proposals and overseas foreign direct investment. An International Trade Career Roundtable event The International Trade Career Roundtable is a bi-monthly series of luncheons centered on career advancement for trade professionals. The Tools of the Trade series is focused on  giving you, the trade professional, the knowledge you need to leverage various international trade resources –so you can get the job done while impressing your colleagues and employer.


William HOUCK, Regional Manager, Export Solutions Group Mid-Atlantic Region, U.S. Small Business Administration Syed MURTAZA, VP Global Trade & Receivable Finance HSBC Sean MULVANEY, Director, Export-Import Bank of the United States