Trade Rules in the Internet Age




While the Internet has been called the trade route of the 21st Century, the rules governing the global trading system were written largely during an earlier, analog era.  As iPads, Blackberries, cloud services, social and professional networking and other Internet-based applications and devices become more important to companies, individuals and entire economies, calls are increasing to update trade rules for the digital world.  What should a modern framework for trade in digital information look like, and how can countries achieve a more open, secure and predictable system for transferring information given different legal regimes and approaches to issues such as privacy and security?


Bill REINSCH, President, National Foreign Trade Council; Nuala O’CONNOR KELLY, Senior Counsel, Information Governance & Chief Privacy Leader, GE; Mèlika CARROLL, Senior Director, Global Government Affairs,; Daniel WEITZNER, Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Internet Policy, The White House (invited.) Moderator: Dorothy DWOSKIN, Microsoft and Member, WITA Board of Directors