Update on TPP: The End-Game Dynamics Explained




After four years of negotiations, the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is in sight, but the final issues are always the hardest.  And with 12 diverse countries involved the end-game is more complicated than any FTA the US has negotiated before.  This is also happening with a parallel process to secure Trade Promotion Authority in the background. We are greatly appreciative that Congressman Charles Boustany (R-Louisiana) has agreed to provide a keynote address on the views on Congress about TPP and TPA.  Congressman Boustany is a Co-Chair of the TPP Friends Caucus and member of the House Ways and Means Committee.  Earlier this year, in a poll of WITA members, he was the most widely cited as Person Deserving More Credit for contributions to trade policymaking. The Congressman’s address will be followed by a Panel that looks in detail at where we are at in the TPP negotiations, what are the main outstanding issues and the dynamics at play, how this could come together and what are the implications for the US if we are not able to land this ground-breaking trade agreement.


Keynote Address: 

Congressman Charles BOUSTANY (R-Louisiana) Introduction by: Dorothy DWOSKIN, Senior Director, Trade Policy & Strategy, Microsoft Corporation Expert Panel: Tami OVERBY, Vice President, Asia, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Former Congressman Jim KOLBE, Senior Transatlantic Fellow, The German Marshall Fund of the US Governor Matt BLUNT, President, The American Automotive Policy Council Craig THORN, Partner, DTB Associates LLP Moderator: Doug PALMER, Trade reporter, POLITICO