WITA-GWU ITS 2013, Seminar 5: TTIP Session: Status and Prospects




On September 18th and 19th, WITA and the George Washington University held its 2013 Fall Intensive Trade Seminar. At this event, WITA’s panelists and speakers gave an in-depth look into the TTIP. They focused their discussion on the status and prospects for the agreement.

9/19: Intellectual Property Rights

9/19 TPP: Status and Prospects

Panel Topics: Overview The opening panels will provide an overview of trade policy responsibilities in Congress and in agencies across the US Government. This framework will provide the context for the remaining panels of the two-day program. Other topics to be examined include policy monitoring and dispute settlement; enforcement and remedies; FTA’s and other trade agreements; and much more. Seminar 1: Trade Policy Making in Congress
Seminar 2: Trade Responsibilities in the Executive Branch 10:30 – 10:45 AM: Break Seminar 3: US Trade Remedies Seminar 4: Policy Monitoring and Dispute Settlement Seminar 5: Trans-Pacific Partnership: Status and Prospects
Seminar 6: Trade, Economic Development and Capacity Building Seminar 7: Trade Promotion Coordination Seminar 8: Export Finance Seminar 9: TTIP Session: Status and Prospects Disclaimer: Not all Seminars were recorded.
Our Speakers Speakers are career trade policymakers from the US Government and Capitol Hill, the private sector, NGO’s, and other players in the trade policy arena. We carefully select speakers with years of experience on their given topic, as well as an ability to convey that experience clearly to students. Speakers At The Events – Susan Aaronson Ambassador Peter Allgeier Daniel Brinza Angela Ellard Lynn Fischer Fox Suzy Glucksman Bruce Hirsh Hiddo Houben Skip Jones Patrick Kirwan Richard H. Kjeldgaard Former Congressman Jim Kolbe Katrin Kuhlmann Michael Moore Marideth Joy Sandler Susan Sell