Yeutter Institute ‘What’s on the Horizon for International Trade?’



Yeutter Institute

Students from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln had the chance to discuss timely and serious topics concerning international trade during a one-day conference hosted Oct. 10 by the Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance.

The vision of University of Nebraska alumnus and renowned trade expert Clayton Yeutter, the Yeutter Institute connects academic disciplines related to law, business and agriculture to prepare students for leadership roles in international trade and finance, support interdisciplinary research and increase public understanding of these issues.


Professor Matt Schaefer, Haggart/Work Professor of International Trade Law, College of Law, University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Dr. Uchechukwu Jarrett, College of Business, University of Nebraska-Lincoln give a helpful overview of key economic and legal basics important for understanding today’s fast-moving trade policy dynamics, including: tariffs and how they work; the World Trade Organization dispute settlement system; what free trade agreements can achieve; trade remedy statutes; global supply chains, bilateral vs. multilateral negotiations, and more.


Edward Alden, Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and Ross Distinguished Visiting Professor at Western Washington University, explains how the post-World War II system of norms and institutions expanded international trade, discusses the backlash against it, and provides three possible scenarios for the future of trade.

Warren Maruyama, Partner, Hogan Lovells, former General Counsel, Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, and former Associate Director for International Economic Policy, White House Office of Policy Development; John M. Weekes, Senior Business Advisor, Bennet Jones, LLP, Ottawa and former Ambassador of Canada to the World Trade Organization, explore longstanding challenges and current crises at the World Trade Organization and their potential impacts, including why the WTO Appellate Body was created, efforts to reform it, and what could happen if it ceases to function at the end of 2019. Moderated by Ken Levinson, Executive Director, Washington International Trade Association.


Darci Vetter, Vice Chair for Agriculture, Food and Trade, Edelman and former U.S. Chief Agricultural Negotiator is interviewed by University of Nebraska-Lincoln students Sarah Barrett (Law), Nichole Sklare (Law) and Justin Myers (Economics) about China, supply chains, trade negotiations, and the importance of talking about trade with the public.


David Morfesi, Special Counsel and Director International Trade, Minter Ellison, Adelaide, Australia and Visiting Professor, College of Law and Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Dr. Edward Balistreri, Department of Economics, Iowa State University; and Chris Roth, President, Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc. explore the origins and impact of the imposition of U.S. tariffs on China and other trading partners and the estimated economic implications of the resulting tariff wars for Nebraska’s economy. Moderated by Jill O’Donnell, Director, Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Melissa Kessler, Director of Strategic Relations, U.S. Grains Council; Dr. John Beghin, Michael Yanney Chair of International Trade and Finance, Department of Agricultural Economics and Clayton Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance University of Nebraska-Lincoln discuss the U.S. agenda for opening new global markets for agriculture and other goods and services through free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations, including the importance of reducing non-tariff barriers; the competitive landscape for U.S. goods and services in light of other countries’ pursuit of their own FTAs; and the implications for the United States of leaving the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. Moderated by Andrea Durkin, Founder Sparkplug, LLC, Editor-in-Chief, TradeVistas, and Adjunct Associate Professor, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.


Closing remarks for the conference by Zippy Duvall, President, American Farm Bureau Federation. Introduction by Steve Nelson, President, Nebraska Farm Bureau.