Past WITA Events

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April 18              Trade Counsels on the Role of Congress in Formulating U.S. Trade Policy

April 13              Can the WTO be Saved From Itself?

March 15            Brexit: Status and Outlook at One Year

March 13            The Great Wall: Trade Enforcement in the Age of Trump

February 23       Governors & Premiers on NAFTA: A View from States and Provinces

February 15       Tax, Trade and Investment

February 9         The 2018 Congressional Trade Agenda

February 5         Conversation with Ambassador Joe Hockey on Trade in the Asia-Pacific Region and WITA’s Annual Members Meeting & Reception

January 24        What’s Happening with Trade Around the World? 


December 12       Discussion of Agriculture, Trade and American Leadership with Amb. Max Baucus, Chairman Pat Roberts, and Grant Aldonas

December 7       WITA NAFTA Series: Energy and the NAFTA 

November 15     WITA NAFTA Series: The Art and Impact of Withdrawal from the NAFTA

November 9       WITA NAFTA Series: Manufacturing in North America

October 26         “GATT@70” Trade Community Reception

October 19         WITA NAFTA Series: North American Supply Chains

October 5           WITA NAFTA Series: Trade Dispute Settlement (Chapters 19 & 20)

October 4           The Agriculture Trade Agenda: A discussion with the United States Secretary of Agriculture, Sonny Perdue

September 27    2017 WITA- GWU Intensive Trade Seminar

September 13    WITA NAFTA Series: What’s in Store for Food & Agriculture?

September 11   The Korean Economic and Security Alliance: A Discussion with Ambassador Ahn Ho-Young

July 20                 WITA NAFTA Series-Kickoff Event

June 22               WITA’s NextGenTrade™: The Future of US-Brazil Trade Relations

June 15               WITA’s NextGenTrade™: Is Blockchain the Future for Trade?

June 8                 Intensive Trade Seminar: Spring Session 2017

May 3                 Global Value Chains and the Trade Policy of the Future

April 28              The Future of Trade, Business, Work and Politics

March 31            Do Trade Deficits Matter?

March 23           The Trade Law Toolbox

March 3             The 2017 Congressional Trade Agenda

February 16       The Past, Present and Future of the U.S.-China Trade Relationship 

February 9         NAFTA 2.0? 

January 26         Border Adjustment Taxes, Tax Reform and Trade

January 10         Ambassador Froman’s Final Address as the United States Trade Representative


November 17          Trade and the American Voter

October 28              What You Need to Know to Go Global

October 25              WITA-Registrar Corp Boot Camp on U.S. FDA Food Regulations

October 18              WITA’s NextGenTradeTM Launch Event

September 28-29    Fall 2016 Intensive Trade Seminar

September 9           2016 Career Roundtable: Job Hunting in 2016

July 14                     2016 WITA/WITF Annual Awards Dinner (“Trade Prom”)

June 17                   OECD Secretary-General Addresses the Washington Trade Community

June 10                   Top 20 U.S. Trade Partners 2016: Who? And What does it mean for U.S. trade?

May 19                    High Level Policy Discussion on US-China Relations

May 13                    2016 Intensive Trade Seminar: Spring Session Deep Dive-One Day Course

April 14                   Former Congressional Trade Staff Alumni Spring Happy Hour

April 7                     WITA TPP Series: Digital Trade

March 17                WITA TPP Series: Intellectual Property Rights in 21st Century Trade

March 9                  WITA TPP Series: Services

March 1                  2016 Congressional Trade Agenda

February 18            WITA TPP Series: What will TPP Mean for the States?

February 11            WITA TPP Series: What’s at Stake for Agriculture?

January 28             WITA TPP Series: Impact on Manufacturing

January 19             WITA’s Annual New Year’s Party & Members Meeting

January 14             WITA TPP Series: The New Rules & Disciplines of a 21st Century Agreement


December 9           WITA TPP Series: The Impact on Consumers

December 2           Former Congressional Trade Staff Alumni Happy Hour

November 19         WITA TPP Series: What is TPP?

October 27             America’s First Asia Pivot

October 21             Exporting Food and Beverages to the U.S.A.? (Hosted in Guatemala)

October 7               The Real Politics of Trade

October 1               WITA-Registrar Corp FDA Bootcamp

September 22        WITA September Spotlight on China ahead of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Visit

September 9          WITA-GWU Intensive Trade Seminar

July 23                   2015 WITA/WITF Annual Awards Dinner (“Trade Prom”)

June 23                 US-Brazil Trade and Economic Relations

June 17                 Examining the Government Role in Trade Finance

June 11                 Top 20 US Trade Partners: Who are they and what does it mean for US trade?

May 14                 Committing to Sub-Saharan Africa: Can a long term AGOA extension be transformative?

May 13                  USTR Alumi Reception

May 11                  State of Play: TPP

April 29                 ISDS in FTAs: An Essential Ingredient or Fly in the Soup?

April 22                 Currency Manipulation: A Role for Trade Agreements or Trade Remedies?

March 4                Why the Trade Facilitation Agreement is a Big Deal

February 27          Trade 101 on the Hill: Trade Promotion Authority (TPA)

February 13          The 2015 Congressional Trade Agenda

February 5            Chairman Paul Ryan’s First Public Address on Trade

February 4            TTIP Power Lunch: Power Players, Power Networking, Power Content

January 29           When Women Trade, Can We End Hunger?


December  4         International Trade Center Roundtable: Hill Jobs

November 11        Breakfast w ith Under Secretary Selig

October 31            What we think, what we know: Attitudes and Evidence on Trade and Jobs

September 24       WITA/GWU Intensive Trade Seminar

September 12       Tools for Trade: Internactive Tariff and Trade Data Web

September 12       Trade 101 on the Hill: The Export Import Bank of the United States

July 16                  2014 WITA/WITF Annual Awards Dinner (“Trade Prom”)

June 18                US BITs and FTA Investment Chapters: A Vital Tool or Outdated Relic?

June 10                 What does it mean to Make It in America? A look at Factoryless Goods Production…

May 22                  World Trade Week Happy Hour 

May 16                  Tools of the Trade: China E-Commerce as Export Strategy 

May 7                    Breakfast with Demetrios Marantis, former Deputy USTR 

April 11                  Trade 101: Reflection on Current U.S. FTA’s 

April 10                 Update on TPP: The End-Game Dynamics Explained

April 3                    Latin America Trade Update 

March 21               Tools of the Trade: Trade Finance 

February 28          International Trade Career Roundtable: Embassy Jobs

January 31            The 2014 Congressional Trade Agenda 


December 13        Trade 101: Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) 

December 11        Global Supply Chains and Social Responsibility 

December 11        NAFTA & North American Manufacturing

December 4         What Will a Post-Bali Agenda for the WTO look like?

November 1         Trade 101: The Trade in Services Agreement (TISA)

October 15           WITA Fall Happy Hour

October 3             AGOA & the Future of US-African Trade Relations

Sept 18-19           The 2013 Intensive Trade Seminar 

August 2              Tweets for Trade: The Essential Social Media Tool

June 13                The WITA TTIP Series Part 5 “What’s at Stake for Services”  

June 6                  The WITA TTIP Series Part 4 “21st Century Issues” 

May 23                 The WITA TTIPSeries Part 3 “Growing Manufacturing Across the Atlantic — What Can be Achieved” 

May 22                 WITA-YTP Trans Pacific Partnership Rd 17 Happy Hour

May 17                  The WITA TTIP Series Part 2 “Overcoming the Thorny Issues of Agriculture” 

May 15                  The WITA TTIP Series Part 1 Opening Discussion “Views from Both Sides of the Atlantic”

May 7                    WITA Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Series: Kick Off Reception

April 18                 TPP 4-Part Panel Series: Views from TPP Partner Nations

April 11                  TPP 4-Part Panel Series: US Priorities and Objectives

April 3                   TPP 4-Part Panel Series: Sensitive Market Access Issues

March 28              TPP 4-Part Panel Series: 21st Century Issues

March 13               Tools of the Trade: The Harmonized Tariff Schedule 

February 8             The 2013 Congressional Trade Agenda

January 31             Supply Chain Barriers: What can be done?

January 10             Member Holiday Party


December 13         Export Controls Reform 

December 7           International Trade Career Roundtable: Preparing for Expatriate Assignments 

October 23            Trade Policy in the Next Administration: How would Romney & Obama differ?

July 31                    Re-Engaging Burma? Reform, Sanctions, and the Road Ahead 

July 27                   Trade 101: FTA’s Where are We Now?

July 25                   Free Trade and Open Markets: A UK Growth Strategy 

May 28                   Arab Summer: What’s Next for Trade in Egypt and the Middle East? 

June 22                  International Trade Career Roundtable: Networking and Job Hunting for Foreign Nationals   

June 7                   Food Security 2.0: From L’Aquilla and Beyond

May 22                  WITA-YTP-WIIT World Trade Week Happy Hour 

May 18                  Trade 101: Intellectual Property 

May 17                  Breakfast with Korean Trade Minister Taeho Bark

May 8                    S&ED Updated with Treasury Under Secretary Lael Brainard 

April 13                  International Trade Career Roundtable: Hill Jobs

March 28               WITA Spring Fling Happy Hour

March 22               Breakfast with Congressman Jim McDermott 

March 20               Does America Win in a Global Economy? A Look at Global Value Chains

March 15               Gender and Trade: Catalyzing Women’s Economic Empowerment Globally

March 7                 Trade Rules in the Internet Age 

February 3            The 2012 Congressional Trade Agenda

January 19            Russia’s WTO Accession: The Content of the Package, and its Significance

January 12            Holiday Party

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