Sponsor WITA’s 2015-2016 TPP Events or the Entire Series

Reach Every Trade Policy Maker that Matters by Sponsoring WITA’s TPP Series 
or Individual Events
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TPP is the most ambitious trade agreement in a generation.  Every part of the US and global economy will be touched by the TPP.

Eight Events over Four Months
The Digital Economy, Agriculture, Manufacturing,
the Impact on Consumers, Rules and Disciplines,
Services, Intellectual Property, and
What TPP Will Mean for the States

WITA will generate over 75,000 emails for each TPP event, and over 600,000 emails for the entire series. By sponsoring this signature WITA series or individual events, you will reach over 15,000 international trade policy professionals, including, but not limited to, business people, diplomats and trade officials from all TPP and FTA partner countries, academics, U.S. government officials (in the Administration and Congress), attorneys, consultants, and others. By sponsoring this series, you will ensure brand or your firm is recognized as a leader in this debate (whether you support TPP or oppose it).
Widely considered Washington DC’s “premier” trade forum, WITA is the only non-profit, non-partisan, neutral forum focused on the open and robust discussion of international trade and economic issues.  TPP Series programs will be recorded and available for viewing around the world.
Full Series Sponsorship Benefits Include
(Modified benefits for sponsorship of individual events)
  • Special Recognition at all TPP Series events and communications, including but not limited to event emails, special signage, handouts, pop ups, etc.
  • Opportunity for logo’ed contributions to our sponsor table at the TPP Series events
  • Unlimited free passes to all WITA TPP series events
  • Special recognition at WITA’s Annual Awards Dinner – Washington’s biggest and most widely attended trade event of the year.
  • Recognition in all official WITA TPP publications
  • Sidebar logo rotation on both of WITA’s website platforms WITA.org and AmericasTradePolicy.com
  • Opportunity for rotational content on WITA.org and AmericasTradePolicy.com for duration of the TPP Series
  • Option for a one-time dedicated email using WITA’s database of over 15,000 trade professionals.
  • Logo-Link on WITA’s website, event pages, invitations, and promotions.
Contact Diego Anez at 202-312-1600 or danez@wita.org to discuss the benefits of sponsoring the whole series or individual events.