1 big thing: Americans want new NAFTA deal, but not without Canada



Dave Lawler | Axios

Americans are narrowly in favor of President Trump’s renegotiation of NAFTA (50% approve, 45% oppose) but the balance swings the other way when it comes to moving ahead on a deal that excludes Canada, with 49% opposed and 46% in favor.

The bigger picture: Approval of Trump’s approach to trade almost exactly matches his overall approval rating according to a new Axios/Survey Monkey poll, with 44% in favor and 53% opposed. It has held steady since July, though Republican support is hardening in favor (60% now stronglyapprove, up from 52%).

As with every aspect of the Trump presidency, there is a sharp partisan divide. It’s particularly notable in this case — Trump has turned a party that once swore by “free trade” into a pro-tariff bloc.

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