Trade to be part of Biden’s China strategy, not driving force: ex-USTR official



Divya Chowdhury | Reuters

(Reuters) – Trade will be a part of President Joe Biden’s overall negotiation policy with China, but it won’t be the driving force in Sino-U.S. relations, as it was under former President Donald Trump, a former official at the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) said on Wednesday.

“There are fundamental differences on a host of issues between the United States and China that will be difficult to resolve,” Wendy Cutler, former assistant trade representative at the USTR, told the Reuters Global Markets Forum.

The Biden administration would be pressured to engage on trade in the Asia-Pacific region by pacts such as the Regional Cooperation Economic Partnership (RCEP) in Asia, and China’s Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) with Europe, said Cutler, who is currently vice president of the Asia Society Policy Institute.

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