Brexit backlash: Bernie Sanders poised to shatter Boris Johnson’s US trade deal hopes



Charlie Bradley | Daily Express

He leads with 34 delegates, and claimed a victory in the state of Nevada with a huge share of the vote having lost there to Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Mr Sanders could well be the challenger in the US vote this year, and should he oust President Trump from the White House, it is likely he could abandon trade talks with Mr Johnson.

That’s because the Vermont Senator has been a staunch opponent of free trade agreements in the past.

In 2016, he said: “I do not believe in unfettered free trade. I believe in fair trade which works for the middle class and working families, not just large multinational corporations.

“I was on the picket line in opposition to NAFTA. We heard people tell us how many jobs would be created.

“I didn’t believe that for a second because I understood what the function of NAFTA, CAFTA, PNTR with China, and the TPP is, it’s to say to American workers, hey, you are now competing against people in Vietnam who make 56 cents an hour minimum wage.”

NAFTA is a free trade agreement between the US and Canada, and was criticised by Mr Sanders as serving corporate interests.

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