Brexit Bonanza: Canada desperate to help UK secure trade deal with EU



Charlotte Davis | Express


BRITAIN is a strong global player and the European Union will remain eager to strike a trade deal with the UK after Brexit, Canadian trade expert Adam Taylor has said as he called for Canada to “quickly” strike a trade deal with Britain after leaving the Brussels bloc.

Adam Taylor, a former senior adviser to the Canadian minister of trade who helped to construct the Canada-European Union comprehensive economic and trade agreement (CETA), said it will not be difficult to convince Brussels it needs a trade deal with Britain after Brexit. Mr Taylor said, under the CETA arrangement, a third of all of its trade to Europe is with the UK so Canada will be keen to quickly strike a trade deal with Britain.

He told Sky News the EU will be eager to regain access to the UK, adding: “I think it’s not going to be all that difficult to convince the rest of the European Union that they need to maintain access to the UK market as well.

“That’s the thing we have been saying is you negotiate from a position of strength when you are a strong player in the global economy and the UK is that and they should take the time to do these things and do them right.”

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