Brexit Is Costing The Scotch Whisky Industry £5 Million A Week



Felipe Schreiberg | Forbes

Scotland’s ruling party, the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP), have recently claimed that trade complications created by Brexit are costing the Scotch whisky industry £5 million ($6.9 million) a week.

The SNP used sales figures comparing sales from January-May 2021 to the same period in 2019, revealing that export levels were lower by £105.7 million ($146.5 million). Lending strength to the argument is that EU sales figures following the end of the Brexit transition period, from January to March 2021, dropped £135.9 million ($188.5 million) compared to the same period in 2019.

The UK government, led by the pro-Brexit Conservative party, have called the claims misleading, saying that it is hard to draw conclusions in the wake of the effects of the Covid pandemic and rising export levels compared to 2020.

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