Brexit could head in a new direction as lawmakers vote for alternative options



David Reid | CNBC

  • On Friday, Theresa May lost again in her bid to get her “withdrawal deal” approved by U.K. lawmakers.
  • Now lawmakers will vote on a number of alternative options.
  • None of the options are legally binding and have not been agreed by Europe.

U.K. lawmakers will carry out a series of indicative votes in Parliament Monday as, for a second time, they try to agree an alternative to Prime Minister Theresa May’s unpopular Brexit deal.

The most likely option to command a majority has a customs union tagged on to May’s deal — a much “softer” Brexit than the draft arrangement that Brussels has already signed off on.

May has now attempted three times to get her deal over the line in Parliament, the last vote on Friday saw her defeated by 344 votes to 286.

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