Brexit: Here’s what happens now



Silvia Amaro | CNBC

There is one thing currently uniting Prime Minister Theresa May with her 27 EU counterparts: They all want the Brexit withdrawal agreement to be approved by the U.K. Parliament. But there’s a high possibility that the deal will be voted down — risk consultancy Eurasia Group assigns a 75 percent probability for that outcome. In the eyes of the U.K. prime minister and the other 27 EU leaders, this would bring uncertainty and difficulties at all levels for businesses, consumers and citizens. “This is the best deal possible for Britain, this is the best deal possible for Europe, this is the only deal possible,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said Sunday after a special Brexit summit. Brussels, as well as Theresa May, has tried to make it clear to U.K. parliamentarians that there will not be renegotiations if they disapprove of the withdrawal plan. Read more here