Brexit? Just Give Us a Break, U.K. Lawmakers Say



Stephen Castle | The New York Times

After accepting a second delay to Britain’s departure from the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May braced on Thursday for a backlash from hard-line supporters of withdrawal and scorn from her political opponents after yet another retreat.

While there was some of both in Parliament, lawmakers mainly reacted with relief and resignation to the latest episode of can-kicking that saw the deadline for the process known as Brexit pushed back to Oct. 31 from Friday.

One hard-line pro-Brexit Conservative, Bill Cash, demanded that Mrs. May stand aside because of “her abject surrender.” But another Conservative lawmaker, Charles Walker, caught the mood of the moment when he urged Mrs. May to take some time off, and said that Julian Smith, the chief whip in charge of party discipline, should get some sleep, too.

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