Brexit: Only 16% of experts believe Theresa May will secure future trade deal before deadline



Shehab Khan | The Independent

Only 16 per cent of some of the country’s leading Brexit experts believe that Theresa May will be able to secure a future trade deal with the European Union (EU) before the December 2020 deadline. The Brexit policy panel, a cross-disciplinary group of some of the 100 most prominent academics on the issue, asked a range of questions in order to forecast where Britain is heading once it leaves the bloc. Surveyed by the UK in a Changing Europe initiative, the panel puts the chance of no-deal at 42 per cent. The group was questioned on if and when the UK will leave the EU; how Brexit will affect British politics; and what the UK’s relationship with the EU is likely to look like in the future. They were also polled on the likelihood of a withdrawal agreement being secured, before Downing Street confirmed EU and UK negotiators had finally reached a settlement in Brussels. Cabinet members were called in to discuss the draft withdrawal agreement text produced by the British and European negotiating teams. Prior to the announcement about the settlement, only 11 per cent of the experts believed a deal would be made this month. Once negotiations on the withdrawal agreement come to an end, the focus of the negotiations will then turn to Britain’s future relationship with the EU.

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