Brexit: UK Must ‘Knuckle Down’ to Get Trade Deal with EU, Says Irish PM



Andrew Woodcock | Independent

Britain must “knuckle down” to get a deal on its post-Brexit relationship with the EU before the end of 2020, Ireland’s prime minister Micheál Martin has said.

The arrival of Joe Biden as US president-elect has initiated a new shift towards multilateralism which should see Washington, Brussels and London working closely together, said the Taoiseach.

And he warned that failure to secure a deal on trade, security and the wider UK/EU relationship by the end of December would be “ruinous” for the UK, damaging for Europe and “very negative in terms of the emerging global situation”.

Mr Martin’s comments will increase pressure on Boris Johnson for a deal, as the latest round of negotiations draw to an end in London today with no prospect of a breakthrough.

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