EU says Britain not automatically entitled to any trade benefits



Gabriela Baczynska | Reuters

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The European Union’s Brexit negotiator said on Wednesday that Britain was not automatically entitled to any benefits that the bloc had previously granted to other partners on trade.

As the two sides negotiate a new partnership following Britain’s departure from the EU, London’s chief negotiator published a letter on Tuesday accusing Brussels of denying it trade benefits the bloc previously granted others.

“There is no automatic entitlement to any benefits that the EU may have offered or granted in other contexts and circumstances to other, often very different, partners,” the EU’s Michel Barnier said in his reply.

“The UK cannot expect high-quality access to the EU single market if it is not prepared to accept guarantees to ensure that competition remains open and fair,” Barnier said regarding the main sticking point in talks about so-called “level playing field” safeguards.

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