Canada Readies to Rumble with a President Biden



Andy Blatchford | Politico

OTTAWA — After four years of trade clashes with the Trump administration, Canada would seem more than ready to lower its guard should Joe Biden win. Instead, it’s preparing for a transition — and for the new risks a Biden White House could bring.

Canadian federal and provincial officials are quietly laying the groundwork for working with a Biden administration, far away from the floodlights of the U.S. election.

Business and labor leaders tell POLITICO that Biden’s proposals around trade, procurement and climate have potential to create friction with Canada.

“We need to know where we stand and we need to prepare for what’s going to happen after the election,” a senior provincial government official told POLITICO. “We need to understand which battles we will absolutely lose and why, and which we think we can win and who to connect with immediately.”

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