China Accuses India of Discriminatory Trade Measures During a Meeting at the WTO



Kirtika Suneja | The Economic Times

New Delhi: Beijing has accused New Delhi of discriminatory and restrictive trade measures, pointing to the ban on Chinese apps and curbs on foreign direct investment from the neighbouring country.

During a recent meeting at the World Trade Organization (WTO), China alleged that the measures undermine the transparency, stability and predictability of the Indian market.

China said India banned the use of 234 mobile apps, most of which were developed and operated by by Chinese internet companies.

“China expressed its concerns about the recent restrictions by the US and India on its mobile applications such as TikTok and WeChat,” said a Geneva-based official.

India, however, hit back saying China had one of the most restrictive digital economy frameworks in the world and should reflect on its own transparency record first and its long-standing reluctance to fully open up to foreign trading services.

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