China-Australia relations: lucrative international education sector takes hit amid trade row, survey shows



Su-Lin Tan | SCMP

Three in five businesses in the China-Australia education sector say Chinese appetites for Australian education are deteriorating, with the tense bilateral relationship between the two countries the main reason, according to a new survey by the Australian Chamber of Commerce (Austcham) in Beijing.

In a survey of 112 education-related businesses – including Australian schools, universities and education support services – conducted in November and December last year, 62 per cent of the respondents said attitudes towards Australian education in China “have deteriorated” and more than half said that confidence in the Chinese market has decreased.

Conflict between the two countries was the prime reason for the worsening situation, with more than 80 per cent of businesses saying “changes in the Australia-China relationship have had an overall negative impact on business over the past year”.
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